Creighton’s Corner: Successful Adventuring

I remember repeatedly reading pages 107 – 109 of the AD&D Player’s Handbook almost thirty years ago in an attempt to not die as much as I was. Over almost thirty years of game play I reckon I’ve learnt a fair amount about how to survive a dungeon crawl (or other danger-filled adventure). Of . . . → Read More: Creighton’s Corner: Successful Adventuring

Creighton’s Corner: Ending it All

In previous instalments of this series, we’ve talked a lot about preparing for and starting a new campaign, but we’ve spent no time thinking about how we should end a campaign. Lots of campaigns come to a natural halt either due to participants moving away, a desire to try something new, waning interest or catastrophic . . . → Read More: Creighton’s Corner: Ending it All

Creighton’s Corner: Encounter & Adventure Design

When considering adding an adventure or encounter to a campaign a GM should always view it from his players’ perspective. A GM should already know the general interests of the participating players (Know Your Players). However, while a GM may know if a player prefers combat over role-playing or vica versa) he should aim to . . . → Read More: Creighton’s Corner: Encounter & Adventure Design

Creighton’s Corner: The First Session

There are two really important sessions in a campaign: the first one and the last one. While all sessions should be fun and enjoyable for all participants, these two are the most important. For now, I’ll constrain myself to talking about the first session; I’ll deal with the last session in a subsequent article.

The . . . → Read More: Creighton’s Corner: The First Session

Creighton’s Corner: House Rules

House rules; every campaign has them. Some are minor, representing small tweaks to the game system, while other rework major parts of the rules to better suit the participants’ style and enjoyment. House rules are cool; they let a GM and players stamp their personality on a game and customise it to their hearts’ content.

. . . → Read More: Creighton’s Corner: House Rules

Creighton’s Corner: Campaign Primer

Every campaign needs a campaign primer.

A campaign primer is a GM’s chance to set the scene for the players and to provide them with basic information about the setting, upcoming adventures and other information of note. Ideally, a campaign primer should be available at the start of the campaign before character generation.


A . . . → Read More: Creighton’s Corner: Campaign Primer

Creighton’s Corner: What’s A Campaign Anyway?

Last time we talked about taking a moment to think about what you and your players want to get out of a game. Armed with this knowledge, the GM can start to think about what kind of campaign to actually run.

A campaign can take many forms and it is a very good idea for . . . → Read More: Creighton’s Corner: What’s A Campaign Anyway?

Creighton’s Corner: Know Your Players

So you’re a GM thinking about starting a new campaign. No doubt, you’ve got some cool ideas and are champing at the bit to get started, but how do you know your players will enjoy what you’ve planned? Better yet, wouldn’t it be cool to know what your players enjoy about gaming before spending hours . . . → Read More: Creighton’s Corner: Know Your Players

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