Rise of the Video Games

Back when I was young, I dreamed of the day that computers would be used both as role-playing aids and provide a level of sophisticated games that would be a reasonable substitute for role-playing when a group couldn’t meet. As time marched on, this dream became more and more the reality. However, what I never . . . → Read More: Rise of the Video Games

That *New Game* Smell

They say the first step to resolving an addiction is to admit you have a problem. Well, here’s my problem: I’m addicted to new settings.

I look at new systems whether they are set in an existing RPG framework or a brand new one. I’ll look into systems and worlds whether I’m currently running and/or . . . → Read More: That *New Game* Smell

The Ties That Bind

A RPG campaign lives and dies with the PCs. A GM can create an interesting setting backdrop, start the campaign off with a bang, and provide compelling reasons to want to explore the campaign world. However, the GM cannot force the PCs to actually stay together. Despite the GM’s best efforts, sometimes the various PCs’ . . . → Read More: The Ties That Bind


It’s Halloween. If you’ve lived in the United States around kids for any amount of time during October, you mean this means three things… costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating. I spent many years enjoying this phenomenon and I’m happy to say that I enjoy seeing my kids enjoy this pattern now too. I’m not a fan . . . → Read More: Trick-or-Treat!

Framing the Picture

Welcome back to the Front. In a one-shot adventure, the GM has a relatively self-contained story idea to explore — maybe the gaming group wants to try out a new system or maybe they want to just run through a module. The players don’t have a whole lot to go on other than some general . . . → Read More: Framing the Picture

This Means War…

Welcome back to the Front. Have you ever notice that when open up a history book or browse a multitude of news media sources odds are that it tends to be filled with wars and conflicts? The reasons for war (or “conflicts”) are very diverse. A few that come to mind are 1) that they . . . → Read More: This Means War…

The Gassy Gnoll: Some Hard Decisions

We’re all struggling with something. Usually multiple somethings. And usually we keep on keepin’ on simply because there’s no way to stop.

Image Credit: Waving White Flag Clip Art from Vector.me (by nicubunu)

I’m not depressed. I’m not sick. I’m not helpless. I’m just overwhelmed these days. Family. Friends. Writing. Staying healthy. It . . . → Read More: The Gassy Gnoll: Some Hard Decisions

Designer Interview: Wreck Age‘s Anton Zaleski

Back in January I was contacted by Matt Sears and Anton Zaleski of Hyacinth Games. They have a cool game called Wreck-Age, a RPG and miniature wargame set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with factions all with their hearts set on different goals… It’s a bit like Fallout where the world has been ravaged and . . . → Read More: Designer Interview: Wreck Age‘s Anton Zaleski

Game Review: Mindjammer from Mindjammer Press/Modiphius by Sarah Newton

Space is a big place. It can hold a lot of stuff. And as such, be a difficult thing to wrangle for a science fiction roleplaying game campaign. Where do you start? Where do you end? How do you get a handle on content of potentially galactic proportions?

Might I recommend Mindjammer from Sarah Newton?

. . . → Read More: Game Review: Mindjammer from Mindjammer Press/Modiphius by Sarah Newton

The Gassy Gnoll: New Game Day is Coming! New Game Day is Coming!

The Gassy Gnoll understands far too well that the world is a weird place. But when Martin Ralya from Gnome Stew knocks (via e-mail) and asks you to spread the word about a new gamer holiday celebrating the play of new games, what are you going to do?

First, it’s Martin Ralya. Second, it’s Gnome . . . → Read More: The Gassy Gnoll: New Game Day is Coming! New Game Day is Coming!

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