Magazine Review: Gygax Magazine #3

From Jayson Elliot’s editorial in Gygax Magazine #3, I knew things with the magazine were hitting their stride. Though the first and second issues were good, it sometimes takes a bit to get everything to jive. From writing style and tone to art and topic selection, a ton of decisions go into not only each . . . → Read More: Magazine Review: Gygax Magazine #3

Ten Links in the Chain: Reviews (3-FEB-2013)

Sure, I do reviews here at Game Knight Reviews. But I know that there are other great sites out there that also do reviews. And sometimes, in the sea of gaming sites, it’s tough to find those reviews. Yes, Google is your friend, but sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find . . . → Read More: Ten Links in the Chain: Reviews (3-FEB-2013)

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