Magazine Review: Gygax Magazine #3

From Jayson Elliot’s editorial in Gygax Magazine #3, I knew things with the magazine were hitting their stride. Though the first and second issues were good, it sometimes takes a bit to get everything to jive. From writing style and tone to art and topic selection, a ton of decisions go into not only each . . . → Read More: Magazine Review: Gygax Magazine #3

Magazine Review: Sub Rosa, Issue 10, June 2012

Many moons ago I picked up a copy of a role-playing game from White Wolf called Ars Magica. It had undergone a few editions by the time I picked it up, but I was already knee deep in Vampire: The Masquerade and looking at Mage: The Ascension at the time… It appears it’s been through . . . → Read More: Magazine Review: Sub Rosa, Issue 10, June 2012

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