Friday Map: Shrine of Three (Or Four… Or Five…)

So today we have a shrine consisting of a series of interconnected rooms with multiple purposes. I ran over the 5 minute mark by a few seconds in the car, but not by much.

My idea is that a multi-faced deity might have a few different types of worshipers or that a collection of smaller . . . → Read More: Friday Map: Shrine of Three (Or Four… Or Five…)

Friday Map: Hall of Sighs

Here’s my latest map… This one was very close to 5 minutes. And though I’m not quite sure what the round room is in the middle, my muse has chosen to call it the “Hall of Sighs” so that’s what I’m going with.


A stairwell leads down into the complex, which is trapped . . . → Read More: Friday Map: Hall of Sighs

Friday Map: Lost Laboratory

In lieu of a links post this week, here’s my 5 minute (really 10 minutes plus a little finishing time) map for the day. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I’m convinced there’s a story buried there… somewhere.

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