Tools and Food for Thought

Every now and then I come across a web page or blog post that makes me think, and I want to capture some of these links for other folks to keep them alive.

Feel free to contact us if you have other resources you’d like added!

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm…

Assessing the Relevance of Reviews on Tabletop RPGs by Helmsman over at The Core Mechanic raises the unavoidable spectre of bias in reviews. I can’t help but be biased based on my own experiences, likes, and dislikes just like everyone else. Even so, I hope that my reviews provide relevant details and encourage readers to find or avoid products in the marketplace where our biases overlap.


Chaotic Shiny has many awesome generators available for gaming that I find myself using all the time.

As does the Seventh Sanctum – especially for their Pirate Ship Namer, which I used just recently.

If you’re looking for a more detailed random NPC generator, check out Dingle’s Games, where you can create them, save them, and reuse them later.

If you’re looking for an awesome random dungeon generator, check out Dyson’s Random Morph Map. It’s awesome!

For another great name generator – check out the Fantasy Name Generator from Samuel Stoddard. Many options presented simply.

Donjon has a cool random dungeon map creator that rocks (along with a few other
generators and tools as well!)!

Here’s another interesting adventure/dungeon creator from Dizzy Dragon that uses geomorphs.

And yet another mapper at Dave’s Mapper that generates random maps but allows you to modify them afterwards…

And still more map tools at the Inkwell Ideas Cartography page – Hexographer, Dungeonographer, and more!

And yet another dungeon mapper from The Dungeon Painter offers quick drag and drop creation for your dungeon design needs!

Need some simple graph paper? Check out the Free Online Graph Paper generator from incompetech. They have squares, triangles, hexagons, circles, and much more…

How about a customizable set of spell cards for your Pathfinder spellcaster? Check out Perram’s Spellbook at

Looking for a game to play with kids? Look no further than this awesome list of “RPGs for Kids” at Edmund Metheny & Sophie Lagace’s site!

Are you in the press talking about Roleplaying Games? Be sure to check out this great “Role-Playing Game Fact Checker” from The Escapist. It provides an awesome summary of RPGs, terms, and usage. Great PDF to have in your arsenal!! (You can read a little more about the fact checker effort here.)

Need a NPC generator for Spycraft or Fantasy Craft from Crafty Games? This one is pretty sweet

Need to generate a newspaper clipping for a more modern game? Check out the Newspaper Clipping Generator from It works great!

Loosely Related

Be sure to keep an eye on Black Gate for articles on classic fantasy stories, art, and sometimes game-related articles.