Magazine Review: Gygax Magazine #1

Before I get to the wonderments of Gygax Magazine #1, I have to set the stage a bit…

When Kobold Quarterly announced it was closing its doors on the magazine, I was crushed. Years before I struggled with the decision whether to subscribe to the classic Dragon or Dungeon magazines of our youth. But other . . . → Read More: Magazine Review: Gygax Magazine #1

Ten Links in the Chain: Publisher News (26-JAN-2012)

Yes! Two links posts within just a couple of days of each other… Amazing, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

This one is all about the publishers. Dang they’ve been busy! Announcements, product releases, and all sorts of goodies to sink your teeth into!

Before I start, I want to help shout from the rooftops about a recent . . . → Read More: Ten Links in the Chain: Publisher News (26-JAN-2012)

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