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Here you’ll find reviews of roleplaying games, past and present – information you can use to form your own opinions and decide what to purchase for your gaming table. Your hobby dollars are hard earned and should be spent with care, so the aim of this site is to provide details to think about.

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“[Game Knight Reviews is] like Volo’s Guide to Role-playing on the Internet!”Gaming Tonic (7-SEP-2011 on Reddit/RPG)

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Brian “Fitz” Fitzpatrick lives with his family in beautiful Colorado trying desperately to avoid a gruesome death by low-flying soccer ball. Though he spends his days as a code monkey, he lives for the time he spends with his family, gaming or thinking about gaming throughout the week. When not pondering what’s next for his own writing projects (moebiusadventures.com), he enjoys playing with his wife and daughters, his dogs, or with his friends in their latest campaigns. He’s been playing some form of RPG since discovering D&D in 1982 and has explored worlds of horror, science fiction, super heroes, spies, and swords & sorcery (his favorite) ever since.

Mike Goldberg aka “Forged” lives in Colorado making a living keeping electronic data sorted and stored successfully against the rampaging hordes of obsolete technology.  When let out from work to ponder at that bizarre thing we call outside, he splits his time between bowling, thinking about gaming and playing some board games.  Rumor has it that he is also an avid reader.  Mike started role-playing in the early to mid-80s and has been hooked — even if not actively doing it — ever since.