Adventures in 5e, The Fey Sisters’ Fate

I started this series last week with Adventures in 5e, Overview and Character Generation… So let’s move on to the module I chose…

Spoilers ahead, so don’t read if you’re planning on diving into this adventure from Goodman Games.

fey-sisters-fate-coverFifth Edition Fantasy #2: The Fey Sisters’ Fate from designer Chris Doyle and Goodman Games was one of the 1st level adventures I found that I figured might work for such a diverse group of players and characters. And for the most part, I think it worked pretty well.

Doyle’s adventure takes place in a place very easily translatable for just about any traditional fantasy campaign world. You get a small town, a nearby forest, and a well-thought out plot with a good mix of role-playing and combat encounters.

Where I ran into issues was translating a game meant for 4-6 characters to one that worked for a small army of 11 characters. I adapted many of the combats to simply increase the number of combatants. And I think that worked ok for the most part.

If you saw this group coming down a forest trail, you’d likely run the other way. They weren’t carrying torches and wielding pitchforks, but it amounted to about the same thing.

I really needed a bit more detail about the town, since that was where we were starting out. We get the name of an inn (the Broken Axle), the name of the mayor, and the fact that there’s a trading post of some sort. So, while sitting watching an indoor soccer game, I came up with the following:

  • The Broken Axle Inn is run by Emma & Walter Rand. It has simple rooms and simple food with some ale and a little wine to offer guests.
  • Mayor Patric Cullen is introduced with a “trio of others,” so we get Gilly Freedam, his assistant; Jimman Kadoo, his secretary; and Billam Rausch, a local guild representative.
  • Instead of a trading post, I created the Gramble Store – owned by Gemma and Tomas Gramble. They mostly sell farm implements, food, seed, a few simple weapons, and a little armor. Basic stuff.
  • To supplement the store, I created “The Collector” – a strange gnomish fellow who can be found wandering in the area, buying junk. He travels with a small cart filled with odds and ends. Badon Dinga is his name and junk is his game. There’s a 25% chance he may have what you’re looking for, but a 50% chance he has what you need.
  • And just in case we got into town a little more, I came up with a list of random names for the townsfolk. Five farmers: Branch, Calas, Dimmor (Dwarf), Rancor (Half-orc), and Peete. Three ranchers: Adams, Trent, and Scratch (Half-orc).

The party met the mayor, who gave the skinny on what he needed them to do, and then they went to the general store to top off on items. They had a bit of a line of credit at the store, but they all seemed to forget that, so they used their own gold to buy a few water skins, crossbow bolts, and other odds-n-ends. The old couple was a bit paranoid so when the group left, they immediately started doing a store inventory to make sure they hadn’t stolen anything.

But other than those two interactions, that was it before they headed off on the adventure. So I really need not have worried about all the rest, at least initially…

Next time we’ll cover how the session actually went. 🙂

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