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So Fitz has been hounding me for years about doing something more with gaming than just watch the world go by. Given that you read Fitz’s blog (here or over at Moebius Adventures), you probably already have seen a comment or few dozen by me over the last few years.

My name is Forged. I come by way of gaming quite honestly. My sister and I picked up the basic D&D box set in a toy store (of all places) back in the early ’80s and I’ve been hooked ever since. Sometime in Junior High or early High School a game group that I was hanging out with convinced me to be a GM for a session. With that group I primarily only played and GMed one-shots. Later, another friend roped me into a one on one gaming thing and I flourished because instead of focusing on combat, I could focus on story.

The FORGED Front banner

In college I ran (and played in) some campaigns and have been hooked on running campaigns for RPGs ever since.  I have largely been just collecting stuff that interests me and letting gaming pass me by since the collapse of my last campaign. Part of that is due to my work schedule and part is that I want to keep my weekends free for good friends that don’t happen to be gamers. (I know … it’s weird but it does happen 😀 )

So, the million dollar question is, why is my on-line handle Forged? I came up with it for playing an online (non-crpg) game and have stuck with it ever since. If Fitz is willing and has something to offer up for a prize from Moebius Adventures for it, let’s see someone can guess what influenced me to come up with that handle.

If nothing else, I’ll be definitely curious to hear what it inspires you to think of.



[Editor: Please welcome Forged to the Game Knight Reviews roster! Fitz *is* definitely willing to offer a bundle of LPC Fantasy Names I-III to anyone who can guess where “Forged” came from. Take a guess, win a prize!! All guesses must be in as comments with valid e-mail addresses on THIS post by Sunday night, August 17!

By the way… I’ve been trying to get Forged to write with me for YEARS… so I’m geeked up that he’s finally relented to my incessant pestering!!

Who is he?

Mike Goldberg aka “Forged” lives in Colorado making a living keeping electronic data sorted and stored successfully against the rampaging hordes of obsolete technology.  When let out from work to ponder at that bizarre thing we call outside, he splits his time between bowling, thinking about gaming and playing some board games.  Rumor has it that he is also an avid reader.  Mike started role-playing in the early to mid-80s and has been hooked — even if not actively doing it — ever since.

Welcome to the blogging madness my friend!!]


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