My Name Is … (Finale)

MechWarrior_2_coverSo the online game that I came up with my name was Mechwarrior 2. For whatever reason, my internet connection made it such that the easiest mech to fight in was a heavily armored Missile boat. I teamed up with a few friends locally and we became Clan Soulreaper.

As my handle, I chose Forged.

There are a lot of reasons that I came up with that handle. In Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy, she introduced the concept of a person being made a Forged One and stripped of all emotion and soul. That seemed to fit the Clan name we came up with, so I started using it.

A forge is also an implement to create things as an aspiring GM that always appeals to me. What new idea am I crafting up and how am I best going to show it some life?

Between those two memes, my online handle was born and I have never looked back on it.

Hopefully, together we will see what new things we can create that will inspire us to keep gaming and keep telling stories.

Though we didn’t get any takers on the contest, I’m sure we’ll have other contests to get your attention in the future!

In the meantime… War is on the horizon for the FORGED Front … I’m Forged Soulreaper and I’m at your service.

The FORGED Front banner

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