Game Fodder: Time of the Wild Gods

Looking for some setting ideas? Here’s one that came out of the blue the other day…

idolIn the age of the Wild Gods, it is said that waves of chaotic raw energy and force of will rose and fell across the land. Whatever those beings felt at the time, whether joy or sorrow, love or pain, was felt by all of those beings in close proximity. And when the gods gathered, storms brewed – sometimes visibly, other times invisibly affecting swaths of people, animals, and even plants in unexpected ways.

As the gods grew older, their wildness subsided and they learned to control their urges through experimentation. They thrived on the love received by their followers and their followers thrived as well, gaining confidence and guidance of these powerful beings.

And as the races aged, their dependence on these powerful beings faded as their own powers over nature, magic, and technology increased. This was a dark age for the gods and many passed from the world as a result.

But recently a new Wild God appeared, sowing seeds of change wherever he goes. The enlightened races seek knowledge of this being so they can understand and possibly control it. But those under his sway feel empowered against the status quo and will do what they can to prevent anything from happening to their new god.

What side are you on? The old or the new?

Feel free to use or abuse this idea. Let me know how it goes!

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