The Gassy Gnoll: New Game Day is Coming! New Game Day is Coming!

The Gassy Gnoll understands far too well that the world is a weird place. But when Martin Ralya from Gnome Stew knocks (via e-mail) and asks you to spread the word about a new gamer holiday celebrating the play of new games, what are you going to do?

First, it’s Martin Ralya. Second, it’s Gnome Stew. Third, it’s gaming. This is not a hard decision!!

New Game Day logoBut what is New Game Day exactly?

Some facts…

  • … it’s being held on February 2nd, 2014 (2-2-14).
  • … it’s free.
  • … it encourages gamers to play tabletop RPGs and board games “by playing something you’ve never played before.”
  • … and its slogan is catchy – “New on 2/2.”

Also cool… Gnome Stew and Engine Publishing are giving away $300 in prizes to people who participate. Rules are here at the Gnome Stew site.

So what’s the Gassy Gnoll going to do on New Game Day 2014? Good question!

Unfortunately the Superbowl also occurs on 2/2 and my home town team, the Denver Broncos, will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks in a gridiron battle. I’m sure it won’t be quite as fantastic as a match of Blood Bowl but I’m positive that some of the expensive commercials that will air during the broadcast will enter into the realm of the bizarre and fantastical. 🙂

That said, the game itself doesn’t start until late in the afternoon so I should have some time to play one of the new games I picked up over the holidays and have yet had a chance to play.

Maybe Tokaido from Passport Game Studios and Antoine Bauza?

Or Pandemic from Z-Man Games, which I’ve played at a friend’s house but purchased and have yet to even crack open the box(es) (I purchased the extension Pandemic: On the Brink so I had all the cool bits and pieces to keep things more orderly).

Whatever it is, I’m sure we’ll have a good time!

So I encourage you to set aside some time on February 2nd to play a new game and post a comment about it at the Gnome Stew site to possibly win a fabulous prize!

But more than that – HAVE FUN!!

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