The Gassy Gnoll: Being Thankful for RPGs

As Thanksgiving approaches us here in the United States, this Gassy Gnoll was moved to determine how he was thankful for role-playing games in his life over the last three plus decades.

Five Reasons I Give Thanks to Role-playing Games

  1. From the very first time I played 1e Dungeons & Dragons back in 1982 with Bob, Jason, and other friends from school to the most recent time playing 4e just last weekend with Ben, Jason, Jonathan, and Mark, I have met more amazing people than I can count who share this creative hobby.
  2. Stories. Whether playing RPGs as a player or as a GM… Telling stories from the perspective of a PC or NPC… Sitting around the table telling tales of games present, past, or future… Telling tales having absolutely nothing to do with gaming… There’s always a story waiting to be told among friends.
  3. Food. Even as I contemplate a Thanksgiving feast with family, I have to say I enjoy our binges of soda and pizza, popcorn, chips, candy, and whatever else we want to feed our faces. Gaming is always about sharing morsels with good friends around the game table.
  4. Character. Whether I am playing a character I’ve played over many sessions or a NPC created on the fly, I love to role-play. I’m thankful for my ability to play aspects of my psyche that rarely see the light of day and come out to play.
  5. Creativity. Maybe it’s caffeine- and sugar-enhanced gaming haze. Perhaps it’s the horrible puns. It could be the corner the players paint my sandbox-style GM-self into. Or the movie quotes, songs, or geek references that rise and fall like waves in the ocean during a game session… They all get those creative juices flowing.

Or maybe it’s the turkeys. Who let those in here?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

What are you thankful for my friends?

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