The Gassy Gnoll: Word by Word (Writer’s Block)

Word by word. As a writer, that’s the only way to make progress. It’s like putting one foot in front of the other to get to your destination. Every word you commit to paper helps you get that much further along the path to sharing your inner journey with the outside world. Without that commitment… Without that communication… nobody really knows what’s going on inside.

The Gassy Gnoll SignLately I’ve been committing a lot of words to paper. Some I’m proud of. Some I’m less so. But they all add up.

This week I released my fourth Moebius Adventures product of 2013, with the hopes of at least two or three more before the end of December. I’ve been writing at least one review and one opinion piece here at Game Knight Reviews for longer than I’m willing to admit, plus occasional game fodder posts at The Iron Tavern and at Moebius Adventures.

But I’ve discovered a problem. Maybe you’ve had it show up from time to time yourself. My brain is working overtime on every project but the one I feel I should really be working on.

I started last December (2012) working on first One Spot and released it in March. Since then I’ve released two more and am working on a few ideas for the next one. But I’m blocked. One Spot #3 has notes scattered in a half dozen places but my mind doesn’t seem to want to pull things together in any coherent fashion.

It doesn’t help that I just banged out Brick by Brick: Doors from conception to complete draft in two weeks and already have ideas for the next Brick by Brick that are percolating.

It doesn’t help that I just released my first Little Spaces product and have another one in the works and almost complete, with a LPC Names product right behind it.

Why can I not focus on One Spot? What’s my block? What’s the resistance? What’s in the way?

So I’m asking you kind folks… What do you do when you get stuck on a particular writing project? What are your secret methods for breaking the block? October is nearly over and I’m struggling with this one. Thanks for any and all help – leave it in the comments!

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  • Game Knight

    Received a comment from a friend of mine (Mike G) via instant message today-

    “… Two things come to mind.

    1) Work on the other stuff and don’t worry about One Spot at the moment. It will come to you when it does.
    2) do a brainstorming exercise on fantasy locations. Pick one that sounds interesting, and then create a character that would hook you as a player. Once you have those two things, I’m guessing it will be easier to write something about it.”

    Thanks Mike! Funny enough, I’ve done both of these. 🙂 I do a lot of brainstorming – just freewriting and mind mapping to see what comes up. I have lots of ideas for One Spots, but coming up with good ones that are consistent are a bit more difficult.

    I’m wondering if I should write up a blog post about some of the different ideas I have floating around and see what resonates with my fans. I think I’ll try that approach.

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