Supplement Review: Fantasy Maps by Maciej Zagorski from The Forge Studios

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a fan of maps. Dungeon maps. World maps. Town maps. Whatever it may be, I’m probably going to go over it with a fine-toothed comb looking for inspiration for a plot, world, or character. Even the smallest maps can offer shiny nuggets to inspire me to go in weird directions.

Fantasy Maps - The Forge StudiosSo recently I saw that artist Maciej Zagorski and The Forge Studios released Fantasy Maps, a collection of 10 different black and white maps. Each map is presented in three different forms: a full-page rendering, a full-page rendering with a grid, and a half-page format with space for notes. The hand-drawn style is gorgeous, with details in all the right places from crops and trees to ships, bluffs, shorelines, and buildings.

I wish there was a bit more detail on each. For instance, a map key would be helpful to show the difference between a road and a river more clearly or whether a particular ridge goes up or down. But beyond that I think each offers plenty of food for thought.

A few of my favorites from the collection include:

  • Map #3 (pages 9-11) – The ruins on the island already have me wondering what happened there and the circle of stones at the south end of the map also has possibilities.
  • Maps #4 (pages 12-14) and #5 (pages 15-17) – Both of these offer tons of potential with a keep on a hill and villages tending crops. What are the relationships between the highlanders and the lowlanders?
  • Map #6 (pages 18-20) – Like with #3, there are two areas that have me wondering about the separations between them. The cemetery at the northwest corner and the structure or giant tree (can’t tell what it is) in the center. How do they relate?
  • Map #7 (pages 24-26) – This self-contained little community complete with a dock, crops, and a small keep, offers all sorts of possibilities.
  • Map #10 (pages 30-32) – This walled community is a warren of alleys and streets. A small city campaign would be awesome here.

Whether you’re looking for a map for your current campaign or simply looking for ideas, every map in this collection has something to share. And for $4, it’s going to be tough to get this many maps in one place anywhere else.

For more about The Forge Studios and Fantasy Maps

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