The Gassy Gnoll: Being Interviewed on a Podcast – Three Tips

The Gassy Gnoll had a unique opportunity this week to appear on his very first podcast ever. For someone who only likes to talk about himself in the third person (as The Gassy Gnoll), it’s a bit of an uncomfortable situation to find yourself in. Even so, his hairiness was excited and scared by the possibilities.

rg1024_old_microphone_cleanup_styleMore will come from the podcast experience later when it hits the airwaves, but he did a bit of research on what he could do to try and be not only a gracious guest but make it worth everybody’s while without being too stressed about it. He’s boiled it down to three main points.

First, remember the KISS principle – “Keep It Simple Stupid.” KISS is a great guiding principle for our lives these days that can quickly get very complicated. In this case, make sure you speak clearly and steadily as you answer questions. You don’t want to use one-word answers if you can avoid it (“Yes” is effective, but very short), but you also don’t want to monopolize anyone’s speaking time on the podcast or during the interview (reciting War and Peace is not good).

Second, know the audience. This is a key principle in any form of communication really, whether you’re writing or speaking. Having a vague idea of who’s listening can help guide some of your answers and steer you back towards topics they will want to listen to. Remember they can shut off the podcast if you’re talking about your pet cat and not about something that really interests them like how you got into gaming or what’s next on the product horizon for your company. And always be polite when speaking (or writing) in public. Though you may know the interests of your audience, keep in mind there may be kids out there who probably don’t need to hear any more expletives than they do already.

Third, be prepared. Have a few key points written down on a single sheet of paper so you’re not rustling it all over during the podcast. (Yes, they can hear that.) If your goal is to drive folks to your site, be sure to offer an easy way to get there. If there are particular products or causes you want to focus on, be sure to have those listed. That way if you need something to talk about, you have a few things in your pocket if the interview needs some direction. Also, and this should be obvious, be sure to listen to a few episodes of the podcast so you know the general format and can get a feel for the flow.

We’ll see if the Gassy Gnoll can suppress his nervousness using these tips and get the word out about Game Knight Reviews and the cool things over at Moebius Adventures!

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