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Ok folks… You might have noticed some weirdness over the last few hours, if not the last day or so. I upgraded my self-hosted WordPress installation to 3.6.1 and things started going weird. I discovered this morning that I was no longer able to add new posts, which got my dander up.

Work sign by bocian - openclipart.orgAnd of course, as soon as I started mucking about with it I got deeper and deeper into the murky darkness until eventually I screwed up so royally (deleted the old database among other things), I ended up migrating to a shiny new database and rebuilding the whole darn thing.

The benefits of the upgrade:

  • I finally updated the theme to the latest version of Atahualpa
  • The old 100 meg database has been bumped up to a shiny new 1 gig beast
  • And we’re running the latest and greatest version of WordPress (3.6.1)

So there may be some things that aren’t right as you explore the site. My apologies. It will give me an opportunity to update my publisher list, the review list, and a few other things.

If you find anything that’s not right, please let me know via the Contact Page.

If you are a publisher that wants to be added to the list, also drop me a line with all your links – web, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

And if you have some cool links I should add to the Tools page, give me a holler.

Regular posts will start back up again next week, including an interview with Patrick Kapera from Crafty Games and the usual noise.

Have a great weekend!

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