The Gassy Gnoll: Travel Troubles

This Gassy Gnoll had some travel troubles this past weekend. A belt broke, shredding my radiator among other juicy bits in the engine compartment. Made for an interesting drive home. But we did make it home. And after a large bill at the mechanic yesterday, the beast runs again.

MedievalWagonBut it got me thinking about all the ways travel can go wrong in a fantasy RPG campaign. Here’s a list of the 25 challenges I came up with. Note that many of these are environmental or coincidental and have nothing to do with your typical random monster encounter…

  1. Animal goes lame.
  2. Animal spooked by local wildlife.
  3. Wagon wheel breaks.
  4. Axle breaks.
  5. Road flooded.
  6. Bridge washed out.
  7. Bandit or pirate attack.
  8. Toll demanded.
  9. Famine-stricken area (no available game).
  10. Drought-stricken area (no fresh water).
  11. Unseasonably hot.
  12. Unseasonably cold.
  13. Incessant rain.
  14. Blizzard.
  15. Food spoiled.
  16. Food store infestation.
  17. Local lord or cleric traveling with retinue.
  18. Traveler stopped and blocking road.
  19. Wildfire.
  20. Pilgrims slow progress.
  21. Turned away due to sickness.
  22. Remains of attack on other travelers block path.
  23. Military activity prevents passage.
  24. Waylaid by chatty tourists.
  25. Animal or monster attack.

What other problems might you have run into traveling during medieval times? I’m sure you can come up with a few others.

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