Supplement Review: Appendix N Adventures #4: The Witch of Wydfield by John Adams & Colin Chapman from Brave Halfling Publishing

Is murder-by-mob ever a good way to solve a problem? Torches and pitchforks may get the townspeople involved, but rarely in a good fantasy yarn does mob “justice” ever offer more than a temporary fix and long-term issues. The Witch of Widefield (TWoW), the latest of the Appendix N series from Brave Halfling Publishing, proves this point in spades. Though not a long adventure, TWoW offers three great things in the writing from designers John Adams and Colin Chapman.

Appendix N Adventures #4: The Witch of WydfieldFirst, a terrific prologue. It’s something we’ve all seen in classic monster movies. A problem plagues a small town or village. The village blames a certain strange person on the outskirts of town. The townspeople gather up their scant weaponry, menacing tools, and a few torches to storm the place where the person lives, kills them without a trial, and thinks it’s over. I can’t help but think of the mob in Frankenstein (1931)

Second, a well-designed intro for the players. The adventure is written for a group of 0-level DCC RPG characters and a mob mentality once again takes over… My favorite part? When the young boy shouts “I know where the witch lives!” What better way to point a group of heroes at a problem?

Third, a straightforward adventure with only a few locations, but there are quite a wide variety of potential outcomes. Whether you’re a new or old GM with a brand new or experienced group of role-players, there’s no way of knowing how the adventure is going to play out. That’s exciting!

The art for this whole series of adventures has been spectacular as well. The interior art as well as the map that comes along with the adventure from artist Mark Allen are gorgeous. The cover by Steve Zieser is suitably spooky. And it all works to offer inspiration for both the GM and the players. The map alone (and this applies to all the Appendix N adventures) offers plenty of great hints and suggestions on what to throw at the PCs.

Now I have to say I found a few typos, but nothing major, and the 6 pages of content (out of a 10 page PDF) offers plenty of detail with stat blocks, strategy, and description.

So if you’re looking for a great way to get a campaign of DCC RPG started, The Witch of Wydfield admirably serves that purpose and more. It can easily be dropped into just about any campaign world with little or no work.

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