The Gassy Gnoll: Mapping Player and GM Worlds

Ok. Next time you get a chance to experiment a bit with your gaming group, I’d like you to try this… Have the GM draw a map of the world and then have each player draw a map of the world. Want to bet they look a wee bit different?

Gassy Gnoll

Gassy Gnoll

Where’d this idea come from? The World Map Archive . This project asks folks to draw a picture of the world map from memory – just the outlines of the continents. Such a simple request has provided some remarkable feedback on how people see the world they live in.

I want to try this with my gaming group. I bet I end up with a much different view of the Zeitgeist world than other folks do. Mine would probably end up being mostly a mind map describing different areas by the people who live there rather than a strictly geographically-minded map. Words, circles, and lines in a vague alignment something like the map appears in the book. And I’m sure I’d forget some things. 🙂

Worlds don’t exist on paper. They exist in our heads. And I think this would be a heck of an enlightening exercise for GMs to see what is most important to their players and their PCs. Depending on the length of the campaign and the depth of the world, you might end up with all sorts of great information to base new adventures, plots, and NPCs around.

Let us know how this experiment turns out if you decide to try it! Just don’t expect any two maps to look exactly the same!

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