Supplement Review: Storm Bunny Studios Presents: The Ghost of Ashenwood Road by Jaye Sonia

Though I’m a fan of huge books detailing settings to the Nth degree, I’m also a fan of small supplements that offer juicy tidbits that can easily be dropped into any campaign. One of these cool little tidbits comes from Jaye Sonia and the crew at Storm Bunny Studios – The Ghost of Ashenwood Road. And even though I don’t play using the Pathfinder RPG these days, I think the bulk of what Sonia has created would fit nicely into a 4e campaign or darn near any other fantasy world/system I can come up with.

Storm Bunny Studios - The Ghost of Ashenwood RoadWhat’s the gist? There’s a ghost on a road that’s been at the root of some stories for a while, but it’s quickly moving beyond stories and into the world of foul magicks…

What do you get? A bit of history. A few rumors revealed over the course of a few skill checks. A few plot hooks. The inside scoop on what’s really going on. Stats for the “ghost” and a cool picture courtesy of artist Hugo Solis.

What it boils down to is a set of tools you can take apart and put together however you need them to appear, which is awesome. And all of this over three pages (part of which being the OGL text) in a PDF that costs $1. What’s not to like?

Brief spoilers ahead, so beware!

Though the creature in this case is a gearforged or clockwork creature, I can see it being tweaked slightly to make it a homunculus, golem, or necromantic creation of another sort to have it appear in a different world where clockwork creations don’t exist. I might suggest in fact including a list of possibilities for taking what’s presented and changing it to fit another setting. In the blurb on Storm Bunny Studios I noticed that they have some setting-neutral products planned, so perhaps some other creative avenues are being pondered even as I type this.

No more spoilers, I promise!

The layout is a solid two-column layout, with easy-to-read headings, body text, and lists. The image on the first page with the drop-shadow looks a bit odd since it’s tight along the top of the page, but it works. And I might have put the banner across the bottom of the first page at the top, since that’s where I tend to look first. But those are personal preferences, so take them with a grain of salt.

Ultimately I’m a fan already and I haven’t even dived into Storm Bunny’s larger projects like the Children of the Hammer or Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Stormpunk Character Primer. But if this product is any indication, I’m expecting great things in those and others from these folks!

For more information about Storm Bunny Studios…

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