Press: Recent Raging Swan Releases (April 2013)

You know those swans? They are a’ ragin’! They’ve been creating a ton of content for your Pathfinder game this year and I thought it was time I talked about some of it…

Here are some details on just a few of the recent releases from Raging Swan Press…

Urban Dressing

If you haven’t been following the Urban Dressing series from designer Brian Liberge, he’s been cutting a swath through quite a few parts of the urban landscape:

Conceivably you could construct an entire urban center… The PCs could visit a market stall, which leads them down an alley to a troubled trader or craftsman hiding out in a temple!

Wilderness Dressing

Then there’s the continuing saga of the Wilderness Dressing series from a variety of designers:

Now our PCs are on a journey, traveling across hills, plains, and through the forest to their destination.

Dungeon Dressing

And if that’s not enough, you have to dress up your dungeons as well. Thankfully there’s the Dungeon Dressing series to explore many of the common elements of dungeons of the rich and infamous:

When the PCs arrive at their destination (named well in advance and over a bridge of course), there will be a dungeon worthy of their talents! From the portcullises and double doors to rooms filled with dangerous thrones and paintings of doom… How could they not be impressed with a bit of interior decorating?

And Much More!

April’s not done yet! They just released Village Backdrop: Hosford and Wilderness Dressing: Swamps is almost here. I really need to figure out how to read all this great stuff and write some reviews!

Beyond that, there’s plenty of crunch in the 100% Crunch series, village goodness in the Village Backdrop series, and a few releases of updated anniversary editions of previous Raging Swan products such as SwallowfeldThe Lonely Coast, and Dark Waters Rising.

Creighton must be a heck of a slave driver to get 30+ products released in just the first four months of 2013. It’s insane!

Ultimately they seem to cover just about everything you might want for your Pathfinder campaign… Encounters, adventures, monsters, and more ideas than you can shake a stick at.

What’s next? You can peruse the Raging Swan Press release schedule at any time and peer into the crystal ball…

For more about Raging Swan Press, check out…

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