The Gassy Gnoll: Woe Be the Motivation

The Gassy Gnoll is a busy guy. He has a job (that doesn’t involve slaying orcs unfortunately – more like Gnoll the Software Bug Killer). He has a family (a wife and two daughters who are all going a million miles an hour in different directions). He’s recently started doing some publishing again through his imprint Moebius Adventures. And he has some blogging responsibilities here as well as elsewhere.

Gassy Gnoll

Gassy Gnoll

Though he’s managed pretty well over the last few years to keep the plates all spinning in the air, it all came to a halt when the motivation dried up after a recent marathon bout of sickness and business travel. There was a 10 day gap where nothing went up at all on Game Knight Reviews. And during that time Gassy did a lot of head scratching wondering why.

Honestly I’m not really sure beyond the fact that the rubber band broke after being wound too tight. Too many responsibilities. Too big a mountain of pending review material. And it just seemed to collapse when I tried to figure out where to start again.

What it boils down to is taking a hatchet to the review stack. For all those books from great publishers in my queue whose page count is greater than 100 pages, I’m sorry but you’re falling off the table for a while. Some of you have been waiting for more than a year for me to get to you and I was cherry picking a bit just to save my sanity. Obviously there were too many cherries and I need another criteria because the sanity ship sailed long ago…

In the very short term I’m focused on books of less than 50 pages, then I’ll work up to those of less than 100 pages and beyond. I must apologize profusely to anybody who’s sent me bigger books or been waiting forever, but as a one-man shop I’m just not equipped (time-wise) with the ability to devour these things as I’d like. Too many competing time sinks and my family and paying job have to come first.

Will this help the motivation issue? I hope so. Maybe it will let me continue to do 3 or so posts a week without my head exploding.

Now let me ask YOU a question now that I’ve explained my situation a bit. Time being what it is, what do YOU want to see more of? Reviews? News? Links? Sure I’m doing this for my own purposes (it means I keep a toe in the water), but if nobody wants to read it why bother?

What do you want to see more of?

If anyone would like to help with reviews or content, that would be nice too. It’s a great way to stretch into products you might not get to see otherwise and get your name out to our small audience, but unfortunately I can’t pay you for your time as I’m not really getting anything myself beyond a little bit from affiliate sales and that just rolls back into paying hosting fees and the like every month. Please let me know and I’ll be happy to chat!

So that’s the situation… I seem to go through some time crisis about once a year and this is it for 2013 already.

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2 comments to The Gassy Gnoll: Woe Be the Motivation

  • Fitz,
    I have gone through MASSIVE chunks of “lackus motivationus” disease. It always passes. I think maybe the best medicine is to worry about pleasing yourself for awhile: review what you want, do some maps, comment on other blogs/links. The key is to worry about exploring the niches you want. I may be biased because of our friendship/working relationship but I think a great deal of the appeal of your site is the upbeat tone and the fact that you come off as an “everyman” of gaming which the masses identify with. That could be the reason there isn’t a necessarily strong response to some things (good or bad) because people are just content to enjoy the content regardless of its nature. I read every gameknightreviews post and have always felt it’s a great use of my time (something I can say about very little else online). So stick with it Fitz and know that you have devoted fans (maybe not vocal but appreciative nonetheless). Cheers!!

    • Fitz

      @Bill – Thanks for the positive words. I appreciate the support! And I think I may have to come up with a t-shirt design for “lackus motivationus” now. 😉

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