Friday Map: Shrine of Three (Or Four… Or Five…)

So today we have a shrine consisting of a series of interconnected rooms with multiple purposes. I ran over the 5 minute mark by a few seconds in the car, but not by much.

My idea is that a multi-faced deity might have a few different types of worshipers or that a collection of smaller religions may share and reuse spaces in different ways.

For example, starting at the top center, the stairs lead into an area with two statues and four small benches for contemplation. Or you could go in from the right and have a more abstract practice before a set of images on pedestals. Or you could go in from the left and attend a lecture or sermon. It’s even possible that a hidden contingent could worship three types of fire (perhaps different colors) in the room in the top left or worship the big statue at the center.

Not sure where this one came from, but I hope to flesh it out further and explore some of the possible implications.

Perhaps you have some ideas you’d like to share? ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy Friday everybody!

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