1st Annual International TableTop Day coming March 30th, 2013

Let’s start with a disclaimer… Sure, I may have added “1st Annual” to the title of this post, but I sincerely hope that’s the case.

TableTopDay_BannerIf you’re not familiar with TableTop, it’s a show hosted by Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next GenerationBig Bang TheoryLeverage) on Felicia Day‘s Geek & Sundry YouTube channel  that kicked off last March. And though I may not have watched every episode, I’m darn close to catching up. Each episode focuses on playing a different game with a group of celebrities. Funny enough, I’ve picked up a few games after watching episodes and have played them with family and friends. And there have even been a couple of episodes about role-playing games (my favorite kind of game!) like Fiasco and Dragon Age

So what’s International TableTop Day about? Why, it’s a way to bring tabletop gaming into your own lives more directly. A day where everybody gets together to spend time playing games and having fun. Do you really need to know more?

There’s a website – www.tabletopday.com – set up to offer a list of resources to help connect you to your local gaming community as well as publishers and retailers. And there’s a few weeks left to get organized and get the word out to your friends, favorite local game stores (FLGS), and family to get your own events together or join those already set up.

Interested in seeing what’s already organized around you? Check out the Events link at TabletTopDay.com.

Want to organize your own event? Be sure to check out the Facebook page for recent articles and links and grab any of the many downloads from the TableTopDay.com site to use to show your support for the day’s events!

And if you need to get in the right frame of mind, you can always watch a few episodes of TableTop over at Geek & Sundry to get you in the mood!

Personally I’m excited to see what comes of this fantastic effort and hopefully I can squeeze in a few games with my own family and friends!


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2 comments to 1st Annual International TableTop Day coming March 30th, 2013

  • Sitting Duck

    One favorite bit of mine occurred in the Dragon Age episode. It was just after a combat where Wil had some mediocre dice luck. As they arrived at their destination, the player sitting next to Wil (can’t recall his name) suggested that he should roll to see if he avoids falling flat on his face. Wil complies and makes a spectacularly bad roll, causing the player who suggested it to cackle as Wil glared at him.

    • Fitz

      @Sitting Duck – Yes, I really enjoyed the slapstick humor of the Dragon Age episode simply because that’s the way we game. It’s not all doom and gloom. We’re always wise cracking and giving each other a hard time, making horrible puns, and the like. And honestly I think we’ve had Wil’s luck with the dice more than I care to admit. 🙂

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