The Gassy Gnoll: Homesick Adventurers

On the road this week, the Gnoll is a little homesick – which is a far cry from last week and being sick-sick. But it’s made me ponder one of those often vilified parts of any campaign… travel. And it made me wonder… Do PCs ever get homesick?

Gassy Gnoll

Gassy Gnoll

Two groups ago I played my only character in recent memory who sometimes got a bit homsick(ish). Didius (escaped slave, thief, adventurer and anti-slavery activist in a Fantasy Rome analog) was a complex guy. Really he wasn’t all that complex but sometimes he got us into all sorts of trouble that was sometimes tough to get out of without bloodshed… But at heart he was a city boy. When DC went to the woods or on the road, he would pine for the familiar walls of the big city of Rauxes and bemoan the fact that every tree looked the same.

Of course it didn’t help he was traveling with an elf, who was explaining the beauty in all things as they went along, and a monk who would try to get DC to see the bigger picture. But inter-party torture techniques is a topic for another day… ๐Ÿ™‚

He longed for the streets, stones, and alleyways – not forests, clearings, and dirt roads to the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t as though he was missing a particular someone as much as he was simply uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory.

As I sit here in a hotel two thousand miles from my home, family, and pets, I wonder if I too am longing for the familiar over the un-. It’s a very human state of affairs I think.

Do any of your characters find themselves on the road to dangerous places and wondering when they’re going to go home?

Mind sharing any stories in the comments?

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  • My own pseudo Roman character was never home sick, after fleeing the legions before his punishment for theft cold be carried out. I have played a Northman style character who wound up in a temperate city – think Lankhmar – who spent the first half of the time I spent playing him pining for his home. he then feel in love, and got married to another PC. There’s a sad ending to this story, but the bit of note for this article is that he found something in the city that made it a home for himself.

    • Fitz

      @shortymonster – That’s awesome. And as I said for my own character I’m not sure it was that he was homesick per say but more pining for familiar walls as an ex-slave. But I can appreciate making a life somewhere after leaving an old one… Great stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I run a hobbit in an AD&D 1st ed (now FATE) campaign who wants nothing more than to return to his home but he knows he will need, money, lots of money to reestablish himself. Though he is thinking about just buying an inn and seeing if other hobbits will join him instead.

    In another game, I had an elf ranger whose home had been wiped out. But he found himself a new one and a wife and settled down (and retired from play). Nice, simple but satisfying character arc.

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