Ten Links in the Chain: Kickstarter News (10-FEB-2013)

Though there have been many Kickstarter projects over the last couple of months, it seems I haven’t had a link roundup for some of the ones I’ve been following in a while. Let’s fix that, shall we?

Personally, I’m out of Kickstarter money for a while. Blew through my January and February budget (and then some) before the end of January. Some of those projects include:

  • kickstarter-badge-fundedPrecision Machined Dice from Amber Rix. I’m in for $22 here for a set of four aluminum d6s, and I’m not alone since this one blew its funding goal out of the water. (Funded)
  • Creature & Encounter RPG Card Decks from Inkwell Ideas. I’m in for $15 here to get 1 deck of the system neutral cards. I’ll be very curious to see how it ends up! (Funded)
  • Fate Core from Fred Hicks & Evil Hat. I pledged a minimal $10 here just to get all the cool PDFs. And this is another one that blew its funding goal out of the water. (Funded)
  • Mummy: The Curse Core Rulebook from Richard Thomas, the Onyx Path, and White Wolf. I’m not sure why I backed this one for $30 other than the fact that I had a good time with some of the old White Wolf games in the 1990s and have always had a thing for mummies and ancient Egypt. This one blew its funding goal out of the water as well.  (Funded)
  • Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook (Hardback) from Larry Elmore himself. I’m in for $49 on this one for the fan package, just because I’m a big fan of Elmore’s work over the years like many other people (also blew its funding goal out of the water). (Funded)
  • Adventurer’s Guide Core Book for Shroud of the Ancients RPG from Roderick Edwards and Dark Tavern Press. This is one I really wanted to see succeed and backed for $50. (Funded)
  • Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls from Richard Loomis and Flying Buffalo. I’m in for $28 here for a copy of the softcover book because it’s such a classic game and I couldn’t resist. (Funded)

Here are the ones that I’ve pledged to but aren’t finished yet:

  • A Gallery of Rogues: Solomon Guild from Jim Pinto & Postworldgames. I’m in for $20 here for a copy of the PDF. (Only a couple of days left to get in on this one!) (Funded, but not done yet)
  • Tavern Cards from Hannah Lipsky and Chaotic Shiny. I pledged $11 for one tavern deck here. And this one needs your help folks – only a couple of days to see this one get fully funded and it has about $1300 more to go. Can you help Hannah out? (Not funded yet)
  • Gnomish Adventurers Box Set from Stonehaven Miniatures. These are the same folks who did the awesome Dwarven Adventurers set last year that turned out amazingly well. And who doesn’t like gnomes?! I’m in for $39 here for two of the sets. This has a few days left to get in on the fun! (Funded, but not done yet)
  • Lost in Dream from Steve Russell and Rite Publishing. This is a novel set in the world of dream and it just sounded cool. I’m in for $10 here. There’s about three weeks left to go and I hope you’ll pledge! (Not funded, but a while to go yet)

All in all, I’m in for nearly $300 through January, February, and into the first part of March. I set a budget for myself of $100 per month and I’m already nearly $100 over. Damn this Kickstarter stuff is an addiction!!

I still need to go through all the projects I’ve backed (nearly 100 projects since mid-2010) to see whether I’ve received all the goodies I should have. Somehow I bet I’m not even close.

But let’s get to some of the other links and projects I’ve noticed lately… 

(1) Kickstarter’s Not All Wine And Roses…

FunDraw_dot_com_Blind_JusticeThere’s been enough grumbling around the web, whether you pay attention to gaming-related Kickstarter projects or not, about people not being pleased with a) the quality of the finished product, b) the time it’s taken to get from Kickstarter finale to project delivery, or c) if the project ever managed to get that far. Well, apparently some folks had enough and took a project to court. Though the terms of service specifically state there are no refunds on the Kickstarter site, some folks wanted their money back (including one backer who pledged $1500 and many others who pledged $200).

Andrew @ Geek Native had the story back in early January 2013. Has anybody heard how this one played out? I’m guessing that now that it’s in the hands of the courts, we won’t see anything on it for a while – but this has definitely long-term implications for anyone pondering a Kickstarter project past, present, or future.

(2) A Kickstarter Around the Corner

Though this one hasn’t even started yet, I’m excited about it. And I think Modiphius is doing a masterful job of prepping for it and keeping fans in the loop from the get-go. The Achtung! Cthulhu Investigator’s Guide has a cool-looking cover already and the world from the game is one with definite appeal. Cthulhu and World War II mashed up into one amazing narrative? Count me in! So if you want to be notified when the project goes live, check out the Modiphius Kickstarter page for details and some of the gorgeous art previews. Even though I’m over my pledge budget, you can bet that I’ll be getting in on this one!

(3) Chase the Sky!

Though SkyChasers: The Roleplaying Game isn’t on Kickstarter and is being crowd-funded on IndieGoGo, I still want to bring it up. The setting reminds me a bit of Battlefield Earth  mixed with a bit of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… Sure Earth has been conquered and altered, but humans are still scattered around the galaxy. And we’re trying to get our act together to survive as a species.
This project has a long way to go with funding, but I think it has serious promise.

(4) Tools and Dice

eternity-diceTools. Everybody wants better tools for RPGs. Whether you use a spreadsheet, word processor, or have built good looking tools like DDI, every little bit helps to make the hard things easier so we can focus on storytelling and encounters. Well, Lone Wolf Development has a Realm Works project at Kickstarter, which aims to help with those little things. And it includes tools for setting development, integrated characters, ways to present information to the players, and more. Honestly the feature list seems to include everything but the kitchen sink.

Unfortunately it has a ways to go before it hits its funding goal. It’s a bit more than halfway there, but still needs more than $40,000 in pledges to get the rest of the way.

Or if you’re more interested in having additional cool dice in your collection, the Eternity Dice project from Escape Studios may be right up your alley. Each die (d6) is carved by hand out of a marble slab, meaning that each die will be unique. They’re offering 16 different kinds of stone, plus additional rewards to tempt your fancy. With more than 30 days to go, the project has already blown past its first funding goal – but they have additional rewards and choices if they get more pledges. Check ’em out – they look very cool.

(5) Pulpy Vegas

If you’d rather stick with backing a new game or two, check out Worlds of Pulp from Scaldrow Games and Alas Vegas from renowned designer James Wallis.

Worlds of Pulp seems to capture that 1940s feel – adventures based in the worlds The Shadow and The Phantom. A simpler world populated by mobsters, Nazis, WWI references, and more. This project needs a bit more backing to get it over its first funding goal hump – but after that I think it will take off.

Alas Vegas on the other hand is more about the trouble some people seem to find in Vega$$. The city of lights and gambling can be unkind – and what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there or stay quiet. This one is already well on its way to blowing past its original funding goals…

Both projects have plenty of crunch and I’ll be curious to see how they turn out!

(6) Post-Apocalyptic Cartography

seattle-postapocalyptic-mapI don’t know about you, but I have a bit of a fascination with the end of the world. Whether it ends in a technological breakdown, a zombie outbreak, or through some other crazy process – it’s an intriguing mental exercise to see how things look when it’s all said and done. Artist Tony Dowler has created a huge painting of downtown Seattle after such a calamity… And it looks fantastic. If you play Cyberpunk or Shadowrun or any of about a dozen other near-future, almost-apocalyptic, or post-apocalyptic RPGs, this map could provide plenty of interesting story lines for you to explore.

The Kickstarter is well on its way to lapping its original goal about 10x over, with more than two weeks left to go. Why not join the fun and pick up a copy for your own amusement?

(7) Dungeon Terrain

Terrain can add whole new levels of coolness to a battle or encounter. Recently I’ve seen some of the papercraft-style projects put together for a 4e game that have been awesome. It really is amazing how such 3D details can bring tactical awareness to a whole new level.

The Legendary Realms Terrain dungeon sets look awesome. These models are not paper – they’re plastic – created with a 3D printer with all sorts of interesting textures and colors to simulate actual stone as you might find in a dungeon. The pictures show you everything you need to know. And if I was independently wealthy, I’d pick up a set or two. 🙂

(8) Howl at the Moon!

bite-me-coverDo you like werewolves? Well, do I have a project for you. Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes is a book that offers all sorts of fun details for were- creatures in the Pathfinder RPG. And it’s being co-written by Christina Stiles, who’s done a great job on several recent Open Design projects with Wolfgang Baur. So I’m sure this one is going to turn out awesome as well. And what’s really cool is the fact that it’s not just focused on werewolves – the traditional lycanthrope we see everywhere. This will expand to many other races and types as well as rules-level additions to really make them work well.

So definitely stop by and check it out. I’m sure the end result will be fantastic!

(9) Free RPG Day, LPJ Style

Louis Porter, Jr. and the gang at LPJ Design are creating a new adventure specifically designed for Free RPG Day 2013 and featuring the NeoExodus setting. This will be an intro-level module called Temple of the Forgotten GodI really like this sort of project because you’re contributing to the continued growth of our hobby! Not to mention the fact that there are some cool rewards at each tier as a backer. 🙂

The project just hit its first goal, but with more than 30 days to go there’s plenty of room to see what other cool things will be unlocked!

(10) Commentary and Possibilities

Personally I love it when crowd-funded projects publish some of the details of their successes and failures. Joseph Bloch @ Greyhawk Grognard posted (back in December) some of the details for his Adventures Dark and Deep projects. This time it was for the Players Manual. And he talks about some of the differences between this outing and the last project. It sounds like he has a good understanding of not only what he needed as far as funding went, but how to achieve those goals. Great work!

Meanwhile, in mid-January, Joe Wetzel @ Inkwell Ideas brought up an interesting way to raise interest in our hobby… Why not create and back an ad that would appear in theaters before the next Hobbit movie hits the big screen. The ad would show people having a good time playing tabletop RPGs. Would it work? Maybe. But it would certainly raise some awareness that tabletop RPGs are still around and people are having fun.

What do you think?


I just wish I had more $$ to contribute to these projects!!


As always, if you feel I missed something (and it would be impossible NOT to), drop me a quick note via the contact page or drop me an e-mail at news(at)gameknightreviews(dot)com and I’ll add it to the list for next week!

If you’re a publisher and have an announcement to make or new products being released, let me know and I’ll include them in my next publisher round-up!


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