Friday Map: Temple of Patience

Welcome to the Temple of Patience… Here I hope you’ll find some rest and relaxation while communing with your deity of choice. Choose one of the two statues we have available or wash away your cares in the Well of Cleansing. If that’s not your speed, then feel free to enjoy the Memorial Hall or simply sit in the Room of Sacrifice. We are sure you will find what it is you seek!

Friday Map - Temple of Patience

This is another “almost” 5 minute map with 6 different rooms to stock with your choice of fun and frivolity. It hit me a bit like an abattoir in that it seems designed to get people in and then not let them escape again. I’m not sure what’s in the pit in the room to the west or what the statues may be in the rooms to the east, but I’m betting the folks visiting will find more than they bargained for.

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