Supplement Review: 8000 Zombie/Undead Sounds from Lee’s Lists

Yes, that’s right, I’m back to zombies again. They’re not exactly like warm puppies or kittens, but I suspect that – like snowflakes – you are unlikely to see any two zombies that look or sound exactly the same. Well, unless you have a zombie army of clones and they’re all decomposing at the same rate in the same uniform. Now that would be something to see…

8000 Zombie/Undead Sounds - Lee's ListsBut where was I? Oh yeah… Zombies! Scott Lee of Lee’s Lists has been churning out all sorts of entertaining lists in the last few months (prophecies, names, foods, and more), but one that caught my eye was 8000 Zombie/Undead Sounds. Why? Because I was curious about the claim that there were 8,000 possibilities (it’s true) and how they would stack up over time. All I can say for sure is that I’ll be moaning more weirdly the next time I make zombie noises!

The list provides three 20-item lists. And the idea is that you roll a d20 three times and check each table to form your unique zombie sound. If you do the math, you do in fact end up with 8,000 different sounds (20 x 20 x 20 = 8,000), but I thought I’d show you a much smaller set that I rolled up:

  1. (1, 2, 4) Nnnn-Aaayy-Ruh?
  2. (9, 13, 1) (Silence)-Ugggh-Nnnsss.
  3. (12, 10, 5) Yyuhhh-Errrr-(Silence)
  4. (20, 9, 19) Bbbuhhh-Wuhh-Ehh.
  5. (12, 10, 5) Yyuhhh-Errrr-(Sielnce)
  6. (19, 20, 12) Huhmm-Ufffff-Wuhh.
  7. (3, 6, 2) Brrrr-Mmmm-Hnnmm.
  8. (18, 1, 3) Errr-Hhhaa-Uuuh.
  9. (16, 6, 9) Gahhh-Mmmm-Nnnhhh.
  10. (1, 15, 19) Nnnn-Ssuuhhh-Ehh.

Scary enough, I think I’ve had phone conversations or sat in meetings where I’ve either said or heard at least one of those ten grunts.

If you’re running a zombie game, this could be an indispensable resource to have in your collection. Roll up a few combinations and have them ready so you can moan multi-syllabically with conviction during the next zombie apocalypse!

Or simply replace “Yup” and “Uh-huh” in your next phone conversation with one or two of these to see what kind of a reaction you get. ๐Ÿ™‚

Each of Lee’s Lists is just $1.00. A buck each. And they’re so focused you know what you’re getting from the title alone, so you could pick up a few lists and quickly generate taverns, unique monsters, NPCs, or even help players come up with PC motivations.

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