NaGaDeMon 2012: Pick a Few Cards…

Ok, so last time I talked a bit about the concept behind the game and already feel like I’m falling behind on the month of design work. Will it be completely done by the end of NaGaDeMon? Probably not. But there will be some playtests and maybe I’ll have enough cards to have a good start.

So where am I? I’ve been stuck on designing the cards themselves and assigning point totals. So for now, I’m dropping the idea of points and opening things up a bit. Instead of having the artist choose to pick a term off the card, I’m going to say the storytellers will get the point if any of the terms on the cards drawn are used – and multiple points if they use more than one term.

Let’s say I’m playing the game and I’m the Artist on my team for this round. I have a hand full of cards and pick these four:

I’m a horrible artist, so I draw the following pictures on a piece of paper. (I can’t guarantee that my scribbles in MS Paint aren’t any worse than what I’d draw in a minute or two on paper with pencils on a game night!)

So hopefully my teammates (the Storytellers) can see a bat, a house, a fire, and a guy with a chainsaw and come up with some sort of story around that in the few minutes allotted. Based on the crappiness of the drawing, I’d bet they’d get these four terms pretty easily: bat, house, and chainsaw. Not sure if they’d get fire or not and they probably wouldn’t get points for just “house”, but let’s say they use “Vampire bat,” “Chainsaw” and “Camp Fire” in their story – that gives their team 3 points.

What do you think? I still really like the concept. It mixes and matches creativity, teamwork, some artistry, and storytelling. Depending on the deck of cards, it could be used for kids (more cartoony) or adults (more gory) and I think everybody would have a good time.

For more about the concept as it stands today, check out my last post.


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