Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

To all our readers and friends in the US, Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day here for food, family, and fun here and I for one am blessed to have some of the best folks in my many circles. So I thought I’d offer some thanks to a few important folks:

  • I have to thank my wonderful family for putting up with my gaming tendencies since discovering Dungeons & Dragons in 1982 during junior high school with my friends Jayson, Bob, Sean, and Dwight. We played more than our share of long weekends and dove fearless and head first into a world of wizards and warriors.  (I also have to thank Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson for inventing such a wonderful game!)
  • I have to thank my wonderful wife and daughters for not only supporting my long-standing love for gaming, but joining the fray. We have gamed together a few times and I hope we continue to do so for years and years to come.
  • I have to thank my friends who have helped me get back to gaming after a few years away – Mike, Andrew, and Jeff who got me started after moving back to Colorado with HERO and then D&D 3.5e; Justin, Angela, and that fun crew who got me to actually appreciate D&D 4e; and now Jason, Jonathan, Mark, Ben, and Ben for continuing the 4e saga. More hours and hours of role-playing and having fun than I can shake a stick at – and hopefully many more to come.

But that’s not all… I have to thank some of the great folks I’ve worked with over the last couple of years here at Game Knight Reviews

  • Chris Lewis Carter, author of the Camp Myth series of YA fiction and the upcoming Camp Myth RPG with Third Eye Games.
  • Jenn Martin, blogger at Geek INcognito, who’s helped out with a recent review and will hopefully write more.
  • Andrew Armstrong, who continues doing great videos on YouTube in his Dawnforged Entertainment channel and occasionally
    written a post of two.
  • Creighton Broadhurst from Raging Swan Press who allowed us to repost a series of great gaming articles he wrote a couple of years ago and continues developing wonderful supplements for Pathfinder.
  • Robert Oglodzinski, who runs Ancient Scroll, and has written a ton of articles here on a wide variety of gaming topics and introduced us to some fun new techniques to try.

And last but not least there’s all you amazing folks reading this site. With more than 110,000 views since I started in September 2009, you guys rock. So THANK YOU!!!

So ultimately what I’m trying to say is… Thank you. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season wherever you are!

p.s. The “Friday Knight News” will be delayed by a day this week as I celebrate today with family and friends and take a blogger’s day off. Expect it chock full of gaming goodness on Saturday!

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