Friday Knight News – Gaming Edition: 5-OCT-2012

Welcome to the first news round-up for October! Hard to believe that Halloween is coming quickly and my little ghouls are getting prepped and ready for a mid-week round of trick-or-treating. And yet Mother Nature reminded many of us that yes, Autumn doesn’t mean that we get to keep our days in the 70s and 80s forever. As I write this round-up we had our first freeze, which even without snow was a bit of a wake up call.

Though I don’t have any gaming this weekend, I did have a great time gaming last weekend with the guys. Funny enough the two spellcasters – my warlock and the party wizard – managed to get the most kills for the evening. That has to be a first in this group where we have two tanks and a rogue
who can do about 12 attacks in a round. 🙂 I have to say I’ve been having a blast playing in the group with Mark (GM), Jason (GM of a separate campaign, also fun), Jonathan, Ben, and Ben. It’s been great to get back into semi-regular gaming every 2 or 3 weeks for several hours.

Funny enough, the itch to GM has crept back into my head, so I’m looking forward to running a short 4e campaign for my kids, my best friend and some of his family over Thanksgiving weekend. We’ll see how that works out, but I’m excited to give it a shot. Any time I can fit in a little gaming with my girls is a good thing and they geek out with me on a regular basis. 🙂

As far as things around here this week, you may have noticed a few new writers as well as a full week of content, which hasn’t happened in a while:

Somehow the fact that we had a freeze this week and I reviewed an Illfrost module just a few days before makes perfect sense. It’s like washing your car and wondering why it rains later that day. 🙂

It’s been a busy week, so enough of me gabbing… Let’s dive into the links!

Food for Thought

Games and Gaming


Publisher News


Site News


For the rest of the list (I hit 3000 words really fast this week!), here you go:

That’s it for this week on the news front. If you want a bit more, check out:

There’s definitely plenty of news go go around!

I hope everybody has a great weekend!

As always, if you feel I missed something (and it would be impossible NOT to), drop me a quick note via the contact page or drop me an e-mail at news(at)gameknightreviews(dot)com and I’ll add it to the list for next week!

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5 comments to Friday Knight News – Gaming Edition: 5-OCT-2012

  • Thanks for the pingback and kind words, Fitz. I hope the experiences, observations, and analysis that I’ve reported can help other newcomers to the ranks of RPG publishers – and help everyone else gain an appreciation for why the prices charged might be more reasonable than they seem. At the very least, the article might help get people onto a common foundation when they think about value-for-money when it comes to RPG products.

    Have you been following the articles on the Kingdoms in my Shards Of Divinity campaign?

    • Fitz

      @Mike Bourke – Hey Mike! You bet – I think that sort of content really offers an inside perspective on some of the RPG publishing challenges and why some $$ are higher or lower than others.

      No, I’ve missed your Shards of Divinity articles – just found this one though: And I have to say I never thought I’d see a political analysis quite that thorough for a RPG!

  • That one will lead you to the rest of the series, Fitz. Or you could just follow this link: The one you’ve seen is the second most recent.

    I hope you and your readers have fun with the Kingdoms I’ve created. They can stand alone or within the Shared Kingdoms concept, explained in the second part of the series.

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