Supplement Review: Monsters of Sin 2: Envy by Ryan Costello, Jr. from Open Design

Envy is a very human condition that manifests in a million ways. Someone may be jealous that a friend or loved one gained a particular boon or item. One nation (or its leaders) might be envious of another nation’s resources. These feelings can sour lives and relationships with unhealthy obsessions and someone with self-control issues might even act inappropriately on those impulses… Sounds perfect for a certain segment of role-playing, doesn’t it?

Ryan Costello, Jr.’s Monsters of Sin 2: Envy really plays on that longing… Temptations, whether coming from within or without can drive people to make really bad choices. Costello introduces a new PFRPG template for envious creatures that gives them a better chance to take what they want. I like the templates as they can be applied to just about any kind of monster or NPC. You could end up with anything from a creepy envious NPC to a monster who keeps stealing shiny items. (I wish I knew what the “(B)” meant beside the feats listed for the template, but I’m guessing it’s a standard notation I just haven’t run across before.)

After that you get a few different levels of creepy…

  • A CR11 “Bone Swarm” is brought to life visually by artist Aaron Riley. If I saw this thing coming towards me I’d probably run screaming. Normal swarms are bad enough, but this thing is truly evil.
  • A CR2 “Emerald Eye,” which hit me a bit like the manipulative HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey or a little like Bob, the spirit in the skull that helps Harry Dresden. At least it starts there before it gets malevolent…
  • A CR14 “Echo Doppleganger,” who even more than the Bone Swarm I really don’t want to run into. It’s a bit like the Skrulls who start taking over in the Marvel comic universe or like the aliens of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The only good thing is that I hope they’re rare…
  • Lastly the CR19 “Embodiment of Envy,” who makes the doppleganger look like a cheerleader. The Embodiment has amazing effects in a crowd of people that would really make it a holy terror to take down as a group of PCs.

This 10-page PDF has a great layout, cover, and interior art as do all Open Design products. And if this sounds cool, you should definitely check out the rest of the series. (Check out my review of Monsters of Sin 1: Avarice for the first book in the series.)

If you’re looking for some creative, dark, and scarily effective toys to throw at a smug party of high-level characters, you have some great new choices here. So don’t be envious, pick up your copy of Monsters of Sin 2: Envy today at the Kobold Quarterly Store or DriveThruRPG!

For more about this series…

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