Adventure Review: Gibbous Moon by Creighton Broadhurst from Raging Swan Press

As a gamemaster, sometimes it’s easier to move the big story than fill in the gaps with little ones. Think of it like building a wall… The major plot points are the bricks and the mortar is the glue that holds them together, connecting threads, keeping PC involvement strong, introducing key NPCs to help move the story along. And part of that glue is finding those little side adventures to get the PCs where they need to be or even simply “topping off” XP to achieve a critical level before moving on to the next major chapter.

Whatever the need, it’s nice to have a collection of smaller module ideas or published modules to fill those gaps. Now Raging Swan Press is stepping up to meet that need. The first of these short adventures is Gibbous Moon from Creighton Broadhurst, a PFRPG adventure designed for 3rd level characters. And where some might go with more standard fare, Creighton turns things on their head a bit.

Danger… Spoilers ahead!

With a title like Gibbous Moon you might suspect that lycanthropy might be involved, and you’d be right. But this isn’t a simple werewolf hunt. The PCs get caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand is a man trying to do the right thing, only stealing what he needs to survive. And on the other is the village losing livestock simply wanting to protect what’s theirs. There is no black and white, right
or wrong here… Only a deeply gray area.

It’s opportunities like this that make for great roleplaying. No two groups will approach or leave this scenario quite the same way. Some may choose the side of the village. Others… who knows?

As far as presentation for the module, this 19-page PDF follows the traditional two column Raging Swan layout. Each encounter in the module offers some tips on tactics of combatants, area features, and details on scaling the encounter level up or down based on the PCs levels. And I love that these tips for scaling are concrete adjustments – applying a template to make a monster younger or older, adding a few more critters or reducing them, etc. It’s that sort of detail that makes things easier for a GM to adjust on the fly.

Now I do wish there was a slightly bigger version of the map and maybe a few more pictures of NPCs like Vilio. And as I went to the web, I discovered that those issues were resolved by free downloads of maps and NPCs for the adventure, with pictures. I love it when publishers are prescient, don’t you?

Quite honestly, I hope to see more of these small modules from Creighton and company soon to form a library in case I need one! Check out Gibbous Moon at RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, and all the usual places.

For more information about all things Raging Swan Press…

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