Guest Post: Penumbra Explained by Javier Cuesta

First of all, thanks to Brian for giving me this opportunity to explain the Penumbra Project.

Penumbra: The Post-apocalyptic gothic role playing game is a new role playing game that was recently released.

Penumbra maintains a perfect contrast between romanticism and brutality beautifulness and decrepitude, neatness and obscenity, education and vulgarity… life and death. All in a precarious balance…

You will adventure in a desolated, decadent, brutal and merciless world with huge social, technological and political imbalances, where people are forced to choose between joining others for survival or dying alone… and the choice of one over the other is not easy nor will the consequences be pleasant.

Inside the book you will find a game system specially designed for this genre as well as a basic setting for you to start creating your own adventures. There is a detailed equipment chapter and some advice on how to construct your own games, all with a professional layout and professional photographs for the illustrations. (You can also find links to the websites of the photographers who donated the images and to the websites of other collaborators.)


  • Completely new system: Penumbra has its own rule system, designed to introduce a certain level of uncertainty by providing a decent probabilistic range of possible results on its own while allowing the characters to search for “epic moments”. At the heart of it all, the system allows you to try to achieve a critical success or try very difficult tasks.
  • Completely new setting: Created by my insane mind always introducing more stuff into the game.
  • Story line: the game story will be created by the player base. That means that player characters worldwide will help decide through their adventures the future and the past of Penumbra. To do that they must play the official adventure module and send back their results. The first official adventure is being created right now.
  • Open to changes: The game is in beta right now, so if you find something wrong in the rules or imbalances you can suggest changes. There is currently an article on the website with suggestions from other players. Feel free to discuss them or introduce new ones.
  • Completely free! You can download the game for free and test it and feel free to copy it and send it to your friends. I’m more than interested in people reading and playing the game. (I accept donations for covering the costs of creating it in case you want to help.)

For more, check out the following:


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