Friday Knight News – Summer Olympics Edition: 3-AUG-2012

Where did July go? It seemed to zip by with the power of ten billion butterfly sneezes… That said, my daughters will start the new school year soon, which means my life may yet return to some semblance of “normal” even though I have no idea what that word means. 🙂

What’s in *your* backpack?

Meanwhile, the Summer Olympics are marching on in London for another 9 days. Though I’ve enjoyed some of the events, I have to say that I’ll be happy when it ends and I won’t feel compelled to watch NBC’s edited and spotty coverage until 11pm every night. Even so, it’s quite the spectacle and I have no idea how the program committee manages to keep everything moving in a thousand different
directions for 2832 different sports. I wonder what kinds of horror stories there are from the people behind the scenes.

Anyway, that’s the wrong kind of games for this particular post! I’ll leave it with “GO USA” and move on…

Here at Game Knight Reviews it’s been business as usual with a variety of posts since last week:

One quick note – I’m looking for suggestions on how to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the site! If you’ve seen different things work well elsewhere, I’d love to hear about them – I don’t have a ton of capital to throw free stuff your way, but am eternally grateful each and every day for the readership of Game Knight Reviews. You guys rock!

Beyond that, what’s been going on outside my little corner of the world? Let’s find out!

Food for Thought

Games and Gaming


Publisher News




That’s right – once again I ended up with too many links! Here are the rest in no particular order:

That’s it for this week on the news front. If you want a bit more, check out:

There’s definitely plenty of news go go around!

I hope everybody has a great weekend!

As always, if you feel I missed something (and it would be impossible NOT to), drop me a quick note via the contact page or drop me an e-mail at news(at)gameknightreviews(dot)com and I’ll add it to the list for next week!

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