Game Fodder: The Godly Court

Wise priests and holy men understand that everything in the universe follows a pattern. Cause leads to effect, but there is a larger machine at work in the heavens guiding worldly events. Even so, most of the gods think very little of we foolish mortals. We do our best to keep their fickle natures happy and even so suffer through seemingly random events despite our devotion. But without that devotion to forces greater than we, are we not lost, cold, and alone?

There are tales of those few mortals willing to take fate into their hands. Tales of brave men and women seeking out the so-called “gods” who hold sway over our lives. Tales of those heroes finding and even becoming that which they themselves do not believe in.

“Kneel before the Chain-ed King
and his burning throne
But be aware the court that lay
in wait around him
For some poor fool to set him free
and tear the court asunder.”
— fragment of the songs of Yate, prophet of the Chained King

Do not seek that which you do not want to become…

The Godly Court

the-thrones-1 –

Within the court of gods there is a cycle to the madness perpetuated by mortals seeking knowledge, power, or fame. Around four kings and four queens the heavens turn.

The Chained King sits in a grand hall imprisoned in his throne. He is married to the Queen of Pain, who slowly tightens the chains to get what she wants from her husband. And she is the sister of the Feathered King.

The Feathered King cannot fly, but has been tarred and feathered and placed in the highest tower of the court. He is forced to watch his wife, the Queen of Flight, depart and return as her whims take her and bring her home. And she is sister to the Drowned King.

The Drowned King sits chained to a throne at the bottom of the ocean, never to see the unfiltered light of day. His wife, the Queen of Dreams, sometimes visits him in his fitful sleep to remind him of what he cannot have. And she is the sister to the King of Light.

The King of Light is not chained to a throne, but must stand forever in a column of pure light else be burned by darkness. His wife, the Queen of Night, who tempts him into the dark with her feminine wiles. She is the sister to the Chained King.

These gods and goddesses are bound to their positions, powerless to change their fate. They listen to the pleas of mortal souls and long to help but cannot for fear of losing their own lives, suffering though they are.

Rumors and Tales

It is rumored that each of the gods exists both in our plane and on another. And if a mortal were to find and release them from their roles, they would be eternally grateful.

It’s also rumored that this has already happened many, many times in mortal history, but there are no records of what the rewards may be.


Imagine a campaign where a party stumbled upon an undersea complex with a lone figure chained to a throne beneath the waves. Would they save him? Or would they make a deal with the Queen of Dreams in the night?

The thing is… If a mortal saves one of the gods of the court, they become that god and the original god is released to take his replacement’s place. It becomes a moral quandary. Do they leave their party member behind or do they work to find a way to save them when the only way to do so is to sacrifice someone else in their place…

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