Friday Knight News – Triskaidekaphobia Redux Edition: 13-JUL-2012

Sure, it’s Friday the 13th… But it’s Friday! And there are no more Friday the 13ths in 2012. This is the last one until September and December 2013, so we’re good for more than a year between triskaidekaphobic moments. 🙂

RPG Showdown - David Szilagyi

Hope everybody has had a great week… I’m looking forward to this weekend when I get to step back into the shoes of a certain half-breed warlock in Mark’s 4e campaign. And before that I will be braving a raft trip with my family – the trick will be seeing who gets shoved out of the raft!

Busy week here at GKR…

Quite honestly I was a bit shocked (and vastly entertained) by the very different opinions on the alignment question. Not only are there some great comments on the post itself, but there’s a great exchange of ideas at Reddit as well as on Google+ here and here. What do you think?

In following up, I came across links to which has two applicable articles – one on a much more detailed alignment wheel for D&D and the other on how to track alignment changes in characters. Great food for thought that addresses some of my issues with alignments. I haven’t changed my mind after all the discussion and new information, but I have to say that I understand better why many people still use and enjoy having alignments in their games. 🙂

I’m not sure what next week will hold, but I’m working my way through Jonathan Lavalee’s Critical!: Go Westerly game book now and will hopefully have that reviewed at some point during the week.

On that note, let’s dive into the week’s links, shall we? (Keep an eye out for any broken mirrors, ladders you might stumble under, or black cats just waiting to cross your path!)

Food for Thought

Games and Gaming


  • As this Kickstarter project page says… “Sometimes you just wanna kick a dragon’s ass old-style!” Can’t argue with that. “To Slay a Dragon” aims to offer just that sort of experience for the Pathfinder RPG. They’re halfway to their initial funding goal already with more than three weeks go go…
  • Depiction of Queen Scheherazade telling her st...

    Depiction of Queen Scheherazade telling her stories to King Shahryar in The Arabian Nights. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of some of your favorite game designers? There used to be a podcast for that from Ryan Macklin called Master Plan… And he’s bringing it back again courtesy of a Kickstarter. Though I didn’t jump in on time and it’s already fully funded, I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

  • It’s time to explore a whole new world… And in the process, explore a new narrative way of creating supplements for gaming. “The Expedition Journals of Amestus Armen” from Timothe Loya has a lot of potential I think… (Stay tuned for a possible interview with Tim in the next week or two where we explore some of that potential. 🙂 )
  • Meanwhile, Meguery Baker @ Night Sky Games (who I had a chance to chat with a little at the Indie+ online convention this week! Hooray for G+!) has a project for “A Thousand and One Nights” at IndieGoGo – a tabletop RPG revolving around players telling stories… I might have to pitch in on this one before the funding campaign ends.
  • Fiction projects from game publishers have become much more plentiful over the years… And Pelgrane Press has a new one that’s very interesting – modern fables for an imprint called Stone Skin Press. With three weeks to go, they’ve already met their initial funding target. I can hardly wait to see where a modern take on Aesop goes!
  • Or maybe you want to play a toy in a mysterious world where humans have disappeared? Toypocalypse is your kind of setting! As they say in the description – “very much Toy Story meets Lord of the Flies” – which offers all sorts of inspiration right there. 🙂
  • You may have noticed that Lamentation of the Flame Princess is trying to crowd-fund 19 different adventures at once. Well, Tavis Allison @ The Mule Abides says this isn’t insane – and is in fact worthy of our attention. I can’t see how all of them can possibly be funded. But if it’s more of a “survival of the fittest” approach, then maybe it’ll work. If that’s the case however, funding for those “stronger” projects will suffer because it’s spread so thin…
  • For those of you in the UK, I was happy to see that Kickstarter is coming to you this Fall. Yay! (Thanks Andrew @ GeekNative for writing about it!)

Publisher News



That’s it for this week on the news front. If you want a bit more, check out:

There’s definitely plenty of news go go around!

This week if you’re looking for something fun to do… Think about your very best (worst) villain. Write them up and submit them to the Stuffer Shack contest!

I have to wish a happy 1 year anniversary to the folks at Nearly Enough Dice – they reached their 52nd episode of the podcast! Congratulations!!

And I have to wish the folks at Campaign Mastery a hearty congrats on 300,000 visitors and 550,000 page views! That’s incredible!

Keep up the great work guys!!

I hope everybody has a great weekend!

As always, if you feel I missed something (and it would be impossible NOT to), drop me a quick note via the contact page or drop me an e-mail at news(at)gameknightreviews(dot)com and I’ll add it to the list for next week!

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