Weekend site woes and lack of posts

After all the ups/downs and site weirdness since early Sunday morning, I wanted to clear some things up…

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First, I am still alive. Slightly sunburned. Mostly exhausted. But alive. We attended the third of four soccer tournaments in a row over the weekend for my youngest daughter and were away. By the time we got home, I was beat. That in conjunction with the fact that my real job has had me hopping for the last couple of months has seriously cut down on my posting/writing time. I’m hopeful that posting will return to normal starting next week if all goes well.

Second, my hosting provider lost a server early Sunday morning that hosted Game Knight Reviews and several of my other domains. It came up, went down, and then they had things back up and running late Sunday – or so I thought. It turned out that when they bounced GKR, we lost more than a few files in the process in my self-hosted WordPress install and bizarre things began to occur. For instance, the site worked fine on mobile devices but wouldn’t render anything on a normal desktop in any browser.

Third, I regained my faith in off-site backups yesterday when I remembered that I had set up my domains through a new service called WP Remote, which not only tells me if I need to do updates (for WP, plugins, themes) but will also back up all the files and the database and stash it in a zip file. You can have multiple backups. My last one was back in March, so not too long ago. I restored enough of the WP files via FTP to get my theme back and get WP stable enough to re-install WP 3.3.2 and now all seems ok.

My advice – back up your WP sites locally or remotely once a month at least. I’ve had my domains go down before, but I’ve never lost files before when 1&1 has done it. Usually they recover without a hitch. Not this time. And I am thankful I had a backup I could go back to.

Tomorrow the Gassy Gnoll will return in all his flatulent goodness and we have a guest post treat on Thursday, but I won’t spoil the surprise. So I promise there will be some content soon.

Thanks for hanging in during the downtime and hopefully you’re all having a better week than I am so far!

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