Designer Interview: Rocky Perry and Craig Smith of the Quephter RPG

This past week while bouncing around to various social networking sites, I posted a link on Pinterest about the “10 Most Insane Old School D&D Rules” article at Topless Robot and soon after saw a comment from “Rocky P” suggesting that I check out a website… So, being the curious beast I am I did just that…

My explorations of The World of Quephter site led me to drop a note to the game creators to learn more… And that led to this brief interview with creators Rocky Perry and Craig Smith, the folks behind the game.

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Q: How do you pronounce your game’s name? Quephter is definitely unique!

“Qu” as in Quiet, “ph” has an F sound and the e is a short vowel sound, as in Fred.

Q: As someone who works in the Open Source Software community as a software engineer, I’m a big fan of truly Open Source projects. What does “Open Source” mean to you and your team in the context of your game?

That everything you need to play is free and available.

Q: What does “everything you need to play” encompass for Quephter?

The game systems rules and all data and files needed to play.  The project is a way of showing off what we can do and bring people to our other products by giving them access to a great free table top gaming system.  That is our goal.

Q: How many folks are working on the project? How long have you been working on it with an eye towards publication?

There are about 5 of us, but 2 of us are doing 90% of the work. We’ve only been working towards publication for about 5 months.

Q: You have some great art previewed on the site for the game. Who’s doing your art and maps?

We have various artists that are contributing, but the bulk so far has come from a great artist named Christian Royse. We currently have a backlog of commissioned work from Christian, but we’re always looking for more artists.

Q: What was the genesis behind the game? Did the world come first or the idea for the rules system?

A few of us started playing this game as pre-teens, and the world grew over the years. We designed our on system just for this publication. We’ve run the world under several systems over the years, some home made, some pre-made, and ultimatly designed this one to fit the high fantasy elements of the game.

Q: The map of the world of Quephter available on your website is quite interesting, with places like “Pheonixia” and “Commonlands.” Will the first game book detail a particular part of the world and the races in it?

The website will ultimatly contain write ups on over 300 geographical locations. Our goal is for people to be familiar with the cosmology of the game world, with the ability to reference areas for greater

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Q: The system itself seems to embody not only the idea of class, which has its own skill (or skills), along with other skills that can go up independently of the class level. This kind of hybrid flexibility is something I haven’t seen before. How has it developed and how has it worked in your own playtesting? Do players tend to focus on raising skill levels or class levels more?

The ideas came from the days when we were really focused on realism and there were no classes. We decided to streamline it with the class archtypes, but wanted to stick with the concept that any person could learn any skill. There are advantages to focusing your character, and there are advantages to splitting your focus. You just have to decide what’s best for your playstyle. Do you want to focus on your class, or would you like to become a jack of all trades?

Q: When will you be releasing the first game book for Quephter? What are your plans after that?

We’ll be developing a physical hard copy gamebook that will be available to anyone who wants it, and we’ll continue to expand and improve on the information that we have available for everyone online. The world has a rich history, so we won’t be running out of stories or modules for people to get into.

Q: Will you be sharing your game at conventions such as Gen Con in August? Where can interested players get a taste for the system and world of Quephter?

We won’t be running a game for debut at a con until Chattacon 2013 in Chattanooga, TN. We’re working on firming up our convention schedule for next year, but the only two that we are already confirmed for are Chattacon and Connooga in 2013. We’re still trying to fill the rest of our schedule.

Q: Lastly, if there’s a question you haven’t been asked yet, but are dying to answer – what would it be? Curious minds want to know!

We’re always looking to shamelessly self promote ourselves. We have several novels and a collection of short stories set in the same world as the game that are available at and on

We’d like to thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions. Please let us know if you have any more.

Rocky Perry -Founder

Craig Smith -Founder


Thanks guys! I wish you the best of luck with Quephter and encourage anybody looking for more details to check out their website at!


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