Friday Knight News – Gaming Edition: 25-MAY-2012

Greetings and welcome to another Friday news roundup here at Game Knight Reviews. Another busy week stuffed full of crazy goodness. Thankfully there’s gaming to really put everything else in perspective, right? 🙂

Last weekend I participated in the City Wide Gaming Event in Colorado Springs, CO, and had a blast playing a variety of board and card games, as well as a couple of quick sessions of The Dresden Files from Evil Hat and Warhammer 40,000. I suspect it was Deathwatch we were playing, but as I’m new to that corner of the universe I don’t really know. I had a great time
over at Petrie’s Family Games and over the course of the weekend spent more than 10 hours having fun. This was the 3rd year for CWGE and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Other than that it was another entertaining week here at GKR – from Robert’s article about women’s roles in RPGs and the Gassy Gnoll discussing the art of the nap (also known as the “Short Rest” in 4e), to the review of LPJ Design’s NeoExodus Chanting Queen supplement for PFRPG and the continuing review of DCC RPG

Who knows what next week will bring as we close out May 2012? I surely don’t! Must be time for the news then!

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Publisher News

  • Occult Moon and The Crazy GM have been busy, releasing new issues of Toys for the Sandbox regularly – and #20 includes a small town with a magical, historical
    . Apparently the jail isn’t the only thing in town with a history however… The dwarven warden has a bit of a story himself! Check it out at RPGNow along with the rest of Occult Moon’s products!
  • As the public playtest starts for WotC’s D&D Next efforts, Ethan Gilsdorf @ Wired’s GeekDad had a great interview with Mike Mearls talking about the playtest and where the game is headed next… (Chris Hackler @ Gaming Tonic also posted an article about his group’s 5th edition playtest experience so far now that the NDA has been lifted…)
  • Rite Publishing and Jonathan McAnulty, the force behind the Curse of the Golden Spear Trilogy) are back with more news from Kaidan! Way of the Samurai offers details on some of the cursed island’s samurai clans. But more than that – archetypes, traits, prestige classes, and more. Check it out at RPGNow!
  • Purple Duck Games and David Nicholas Ross take us back into the Purple Mountain with Purple Mountain II: Ruins of the Dwarven Delve – a PFRPG module designed for 2nd level characters exploring a ruined dwarven settlement with a dark past… Pick your copy up today!
  • Looking for a product from LPJ Design? This is a great weekend to pick it up! LPJ is having a Memorial Day sale, knocking some products down to $1, others down 25% or 50%. Check out the LPJ Design store at RPGNow for details!
  • Do you play Munchkin? Do you like Penny Arcade? Well guess what? Steve Jackson Games is going to release Munchkin Penny Arcade! Check out World of Munchkin for additional details.
  • Also released this week is Scions of Evil from Raging Swan Press… Scions pulls together tons of villains and minions from earlier Raging Swan products like Antipaladins, Bandits of the Rampant Horror, Kai’s Scoundrels, Villains, and more. But it doesn’t stop there – it also adds 20 pages of new material – totaling 135 stat blocks in all. Need a bad guy? You should have more than a few here!



That’s it for this week on the news front. If you want a bit more, check out the Weekly Roundup at Roving Band of Misfits and the Weekly Assembly from Gamer Assembly. There’s definitely plenty of news go go around!

I hope everybody has a great weekend!

As always, if you feel I missed something (and it would be impossible NOT to), drop me a quick note via the contact page or drop me an e-mail at news(at)gameknightreviews(dot)com and I’ll add it to the list for next week!

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