The Gassy Gnoll: 2012 Goals

This Gassy Gnoll is not much for New Years‘ Resolutions. Far too often I tend to make them and break them far too quickly, much like most other people. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad, just unrealistic in many cases. Instead, I’m setting a few goals for Game Knight Reviews for 2012…

Goal #1 – Upgrade the Game Knight Reviews WordPress Installation

Currently the site is running on an older version of self-hosted WordPress (3.0.1) and the great, productive folks at have now updated to version 3.3.1. I’m always leery of doing this for a number of reasons… Theme compatibility (I’m using the Atahualpa theme v.3.6 and they’ve updated to 3.7.3). Plug-in compatibility (I have 24 different plug-ins installed and who knows if they all work in WP 3.3.x?), database upgrade issues, etc. I’m sure most of these are minimal bumps in the road, but I’m a paranoid bastard who’s been burned a few times over the last 5 years with other blogs.

Goal #2 – More Actual Gaming Content

I’m not sure if this will show up on GKR or on the hibernating Moebius Adventures blog, but I’d like to start writing more actual usable gaming content. Honestly, I think the Grumpy Celt at Nevermet Press is doing an amazing job detailing usable encounters and places for campaigns, so I’d like to emulate that style and see where it gets me. I have a ton of setting and adventure ideas squirreled away from some of my old Moebius-based campaigns, so I’m hoping I can dust it off, shine it up, and offer something useful to the community beyond opinions, reviews, interviews, and news.

Goal #3 – Guest Posting

This goal may actually be an outgrowth of Goal #2 in that I might see about guest posting some content on other sites (anybody interested?!) and encouraging other bloggers to do the same on Game Knight Reviews. Robert Oglodzinski has written some thought-provoking posts in the “Ancient Scroll’s Secret Room” column on Saturdays, so I’d love it if other writers wanted to share reviews or content on GKR that may not fit on their own blog. Consider it a blog-share if you will… Cross-pollination of great content can do nothing but help everybody involved!

Goal #4 – Keep Chugging Away With Regular Posts

Though I’m only posting 2 or 3 reviews a week on GKR, I think I’ve settled into a more relaxed publishing schedule for regular posts. Monday and Tuesday are review days. Wednesday is an opinion article. Thursday is another review or an interview. Friday is the weekly news post. Saturday is Robert’s “Ancient Scroll’s Secret Room” post. And then nothing on Sundays. Though I’d love to write more, time is definitely a factor so I’ll just hold to what we have so far unless and until I get more help with guest posts or regular columns from other bloggers.

I think all of these are workable goals. But as I discovered with my other review blog (Lair of the Green Knight), things can quickly get out of hand when you take on too much too quickly. That’s tempered my enthusiasm a bit but made it easier to keep up in the long run.

Anything you’d like to see on GKR in 2012? Send me a suggestion!

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