Interview: Wynter Rouse, CoastCon 35 – The Dark Crab Rises in Biloxi, Mississippi – March 16-18, 2012

As CoastCon gets ready for its 35th annual science fiction and gaming convention in Biloxi, Mississippi on March 16-18, 2012, Wynter Rouse has her hands full. She’s the Charity Liason this year and she’s been involved with CoastCon for more than a decade. She even met her husband at a CoastCon! With CoastCon 35 less than a month and a half away, I was happy to get a bit of her time to answer a few questions…

Q: Wow. Since this is CoastCon 35, is this the 35th year for the convention? If so, that’s an amazing accomplishment. Can you offer a bit of history about the convention?

Originally, there was a fan group down here. They were a Sci-Fi and Fantasy literary club.

Among the original members were Michael Scott Kurtick (Scotty), William G. Murphy and Michael Bledsoe. One day they came up with an idea to put on a convention, but in the process of putting it together, pretty much the whole active portion of the club was involved in the effort. So the original club was basically swallowed in the creation of what is now CoastCon Inc.

Sci Fi conventions do tend to swallow whole groups alive. (insert Army of Darkness quote here)

Q: What’s the story behind “The Dark Crab Rises” as the con’s subtitle this year?

Every year we do theme, this years theme is Super Heroes. We took that and added in our mascot Herbie the Crab and ended up with the Dark Crab Rises. I actually can’t wait till next years theme, but for that everyone will have to just wait and see! 🙂

Q: What has you most excited about this year’s convention? I had a crush on Bionic Woman‘s Lindsay Wagner for years, so I’m a bit jealous I won’t get to go!

TIMOTHY ZAHN! Being such a book geek the authors are always a big draw for me. While I am dying to meet Lindsay Wagner and Patricia Tallman, Zahn is the man for me. I am also excited to sit in on the panels by Bayou Paranormal, The supernatural is always fascinating. My teenage daughters are all psyched up over the Friday night concert too.

Q: What sorts of gaming events will be held this year?

This year we are proud to have a Magic the Gathering Tournament sponsored by Kite and Anchor. There will be plenty of miniature gaming and table top as usual but since we have Steve Kenson and Jon Leitheusser from Green Ronin Publishing and our theme is super heroes, I am sure there is going to be tons of Mutants and Masterminds being played. I know I will be signing up. There is always open gaming and sometimes I am surprised by some of the games that crawl out of the woodwork.

Q: The Humane Society of South Mississippi is a great choice for the charity selected by the Board behind the convention (and I’m not just saying that as a pet lover and because my wife is a veterinarian!). Beyond food and cleaning supplies is there anything attendees can bring or donate to help the cause?

Blankets, toys, training pads, Really no donation is to big or to small. The Humane Society of South Mississippi just had a fire on December 12th (in which no humans or animals were hurt). They were forced to close for three weeks to repair the damage, and have reopened but are still recovering from so anything would really be great!

Q: If there’s one question that you never get asked about the convention but would like to be, what is it and what is the answer?

Wow this is a question I could go on about for days. I Love CoastCon, in fact My husband and I got together after the CoastCon fourteen years ago. It has a little bit of something that everyone can enjoy. You don’t have to be a Gamer or a Sci-fier. Our dealers room has book sellers, clothiers, jewelry sales. We have local and nationwide artists as guest, not to mention in the art show. We have actors and actresses that have been in shows with a viewing audience that eclipses what most people would view as Con goers. If you are strapped for cash you can still go. Volunteering twelve hours spread out over three days gets you a refund of your admission.


I have to send out a huge thanks to Wynter for answering my questions and I hope this year’s con is a great one!

If you’re interested in attending or donating items to the Humane Society of South Mississippi, be sure to check out the CoastCon website for all the details!

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