Retrospectacle 2011

The week between Christmas and New Years’ is often a great time to reflect on what happened the year before, so I thought I’d take some time to see what the top five posts for 2011 might have been. Surprisingly, it varies quite a bit.

  1. The Gassy Gnoll: Gaming with my Girls
  2. Ancient Scroll’s Secret Room: On Magic (or How Easy Solutions Can Spoil Your Game)
  3. Magazine Review: Kobold Quarterly, Spring 2011 Issue 17
  4. The Gassy Gnoll: Minion Math
  5. The Gassy Gnoll: Where do you draw the line in-game?

The Gassy Gnoll wins the year with three of the top 5 slots, but I’m happy I brought Robert Oglodzinski on board to write thought-provoking and controversial articles like the one on magic in the #2 slot!

Without a doubt, I’m astounded at the success I’ve seen in 2011 with Game Knight Reviews. We had our first major contest, with amazing giveaways from my friends at Savage Mojo, Chaotic Shiny, Raging Swan Press, RPGNow/DriveThruRPG, Pantheon Press, Kobold Quarterly,, Wicked North Games, Small Niche Games, Crafty Games, Engine Publishing, and Petrie’s Family Games – so a huge thank you goes out to all of them and the many other individuals and publishers who ask me to review game materials.

And without all of you – the readers – this site would be nowhere near where it is right now. So thank you very much. Hopefully 2012 will continue to keep you reading!

Here’s a few useless statistics for those of you who were curious:

  • Nearly 50,000 page views
  • Nearly 40,000 unique visits (with almost 25% of those as repeat visitors)
  • Started the year with about 500 page views/300 unique visits in January
  • Ended the year with more than 6,000 page views/5,000 unique visits in December
  • 17 posts in 2010, 219 posts in 2011
  • 13 interviews
  • 40 Gassy Gnoll articles
  • 38 News round-ups
  • And a whole lot of reviews

Tomorrow I will return to writing reviews and we’ll see where 2012 takes us. As always, if you have a game you’d like me to review, or products to announce, or would like to be interviewed by yours truly – feel free to drop me a note on the contact page, a direct tweet through Twitter, or on the GKR Facebook or Google+ pages. I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Holidays to everybody and I wish you all a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!

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