News from Around the Net: 02-DEC-2011

Did December sneak up on anybody else? Now I’m suddenly behind on my gift shopping and I never even think November waved as it zipped by…

We have a ton of news today, so let’s dive right in, shall we?

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  • I was very excited a couple of weeks ago with Iain Lowson contacted me about new developments coming for Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein. Resistance sounds great and should answer many of the questions I had reading DH:LoF, but I’m also excited by the prospect of new DH:LoF fiction! Check out the Dark Harvest website for more details.
  • Looking for a new rules-light storytelling system? Check out The Synergy Role Playing Game recently released from Raven Lake Games. I’ve added this one to my list to check out.
  • Did you hear that Hero Games is down to one employee now? (ICV2) Jason Walters is keeping the lights on in this time of a rough economy… I wish him, Darren Watts, and Steven Long all the best. Hopefully things will get better soon for the publisher of the Champions RPG and the HERO System.
  • Rev Lazaro at the Chaos Grenade this week made me a very happy guy. In the same week that I whined about book size, he took the WYRED book and pared it down from 38 pages and stripped it down to 8. It’s not as pretty, but amazingly he fit all the important bits in there… Can we do this for other games I wonder?
  • Gold Piece Publications released OUBLIETTE Issue 7 this week, described as a “magazine for old school fantasy roleplayers.” It seems to cover Labyrinth Lord, Castles & Crusades, and older versions of D&D. I’m excited to see more of the “old school” movement offer this sort of thing for those of us who like a shotgun approach (scattered smaller items instead of one long item) and will definitely check it out.
  • (Just added!) Raging Swan has just released Orcs of the Eternal Zenith for the Pathfinder RPG and it sounds Evil (notice the capital “E”) with a damned philosophy and a machine threatening to tear a hole in reality. Who knew the worship of  a Sun god could be a bad thing? Check out details at the Raging Swan website.



  • Recently there’s been quite a bit of discussion about tools used for campaign management. DNAPhil at Gnome Stew clearly delineated his toolbox early in November. Johnn Four (Roleplaying Tips) took a crack at it this week and broke it into four different tool types – group management/organization, planning/design/preparation, session aids, and backup/security. There are quite a few in both lists I already use, but I’m always happy to add other shiny tools to my arsenal.
  • I was also pointed to a resource at the WotC Community forums that I’m going to have to mine from time to time. It’s a list of “1001 threads” – puzzles, items, characters, ideas, descriptions… dang near anything you can think of, there’s probably a list for it. Check it out.
  • In case you need a few “damned things,” you should check out this great table at HereticWorks. Who needs the plagues of Egypt? There are some scary things on this list!
  • Or maybe you need a few “Hardcore D&D items” for 4e? Scott at the Trollish Delver has you covered. None of my characters will ever be able to afford any of these items, but they’re very cool.
  • And if you’re looking for a little “Divine Motivation” for your cleric, you might want to check out J.J. Sloane’s article at This is My Game. I’m going with #6 – “If I don’t complete [insert action], I will turn into a pumpkin at midnight.” Damn those blue fairies and fairy godmothers!

And Sean Fannon at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow has pulled together a collection of every comic strip he’s done in the DriveThruRPG Newsletter since the beginning, with lots of commentary. It’s selling for $5 and all the money is going to Doctors Without Borders. If you get a chance and have a fiver to toss that way, DWB can always use the funds for the amazing work they do. A round of applause should go to Sean for all that he and the rest of the OneBookShelf folks do around the world to help people who need it!

That’s it for this week on the news front.

I hope everybody has a great weekend!

As always, if you feel I missed something (and it would be impossible NOT to), drop me a quick note via the contact page and I’ll add it to the list for next week!

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5 comments to News from Around the Net: 02-DEC-2011

  • Baz Stevens

    Hi, Baz here. I pulled together those G+ posts manually. It’s not too laborious, you just go to your own profile and cut and paste from there. Definitely not pretty, but effective. I found it really easy to post to G+ as I read it through rather than wait for the whole piece at the end.
    Thanks for the shout out.

    • Fitz

      @Baz Stevens – Very cool. Thanks for the confirmation. I like the idea of the gradual review and may have to do that myself for some of the huge books/games I have in my review queue rather than doing it all at once. 🙂

  • Thanks for the kind words. I really do love what Blackbyrne Publishing produce. The pricing is outstanding when compared to how amazing the quality of the writing, layout, and maps. Jeff is a talent writer who really puts thought into each of his adventures to make sure that the all the encounters, combat or otherwise have relevancy to the story and our entertaining. Keep up the great work!

    • Fitz

      @Chris Hackler – Tell you what… I’ll keep linking to your articles as long as you keep writing great stuff. 🙂 And yes, Jeff definitely does some amazing work!

  • Thanks for the link love. I was actually afraid I was writing too much about the shop. I’m glad to know that all the details have inspired someone. I won’t be afraid to go into that depth again.

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