Local Event: Family RPG Day at Petrie’s Family Games

In October 2011, the great folks at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG sponsored a “Teach Your Kids to Game” week that I was very enthusiastic about. There were a ton of great articles around the ‘net from people and organizations big and small.

So I was equally jazzed to hear from Cameron Crawford at Petrie’s Family Games, my favorite local game store, when he announced recently a “Family RPG Day” for this Saturday, December 3, 2011. It starts at 10am MST and goes through 6pm MST that night. Eight hours of fun to be had for families of all ages.

Here’s the schedule for the day:

  • 10am – Kids, Castles, and Caves
  • 11am – Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men ($5)
  • 12pm – Toon!
  • 1pm – ClayORama
  • 3pm – Faery’s Tale
  • 4pm – Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men ($5)
  • 4pm – Tell Tale
  • 5pm – Fabula
  • 6pm – Whoowasit?

Now once upon a time I looked at Faery’s Tale and thought it looked very interesting, but never had a chance to play for some reason. So I’m very excited to give that a shot. It’s received quite a few great reviews over the last few years, like this one. (By the way, I recently had a chance to interview Christina Stiles, who helped work on Faery’s Tale and am excited to see what she has in store for Open Design’s new project Journeys to the West!)

Toon! should be an awesome game to play with my kids (and wife), who all live our lives like we’re in a cartoon anyway. And I had an awesome time with Toon back in college. I don’t remember exactly what I played, but I do recall the Mad Scientist character who could pull parts of cartoonish Frankenstein’s Monster-like assistants out of his pockets and assemble them on the fly. For more details, you can check out this review at RPG.net.

And both Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men and WhoWasIt? seem to be getting rave reviews in the comments at Petrie’s blog.

Decisions, decisions…

I think we’ll shoot for Toon and Faery’s Tale and see if there’s time to fit in Gingerbread Men. I’m guessing 2 out of 3 won’t be bad and we’ll have a great time!

For those of you who haven’t been there yet, Petrie’s Family Games is at 3502 Hartsel Dr, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (View at Google Maps). If you are in Colorado and will be in/around/near Colorado Springs, you should plan on stopping in with your family for an hour or two of fun! (Be sure to check out their web page at PetriesGames.com as well to keep up on new products and events!)

Here are a few more links to get more information about these games:

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