Ancient Scroll’s Secret Room: Scary Christmas Tales

Today’s post comes from my friend, Aleksander Daukszewicz. He is part of the Polish creative collective Lans Macabre. Those guys are one of most talented groups in the Polish RPG industry. I am proud that they publish some of their ideas with my self-publishing label – Library of Ancient Scroll.

Recently Aleksander wrote a set of adventure ideas about Christmas. The idea was to make a few adventures that would be scary or strange and would take place during the magical time of Christmas. Though mostly for modern RPG settings, any of these ideas could be forged to any RPG… So long as there is some kind of Christmas holiday, of course.

Beware, some of these ideas are for mature readers!

  1. A series of strange events hits the town. Just before Christmas a serial killer is hunting for people dressed like Santa Claus. A predator is at large. Will he – dressed as Santa – decide to pay a visit to innocent kids during their “magical night”?
  2. Again, just before Christmas, a wave of bank robberies erupts. Witnesses say the banks were robbed by… Santa Claus and his elves. Well… What’s going on?
  3. A new Christmas carol hits the streets… Everyone hums this catchy tune, but no one know who started it. In every mall, people sing and hum this song and spend all their money shopping buying everything they see! If they run out of money, they take loans and go shopping again. The situation is spiraling out of control!
  4. Someone is kidnapping children from their beds just before Christmas. One witness says it was one of Santa’s elves.
    Who is he? Why he is doing it? Where does he take the kids? Clue 1 – he will not harm the kids. Clue 2 -he will harm adults, if they will try to stop him.
  5. In one shopping center a big Christmas tree explodes. After an investigation the police say it was decorated with… explosives. Than, a letter from an unknown terror group arrives. In the letter, the group explains that many many Christmas trees in malls have been turned into bombs. The Police go crazy trying to stop people from going shopping, while hunting down the terrorists and finding the other “exploding” trees.
  6. Every year the city hosts a Christmas meal for the homeless on Christmas Eve. Last year something very disturbing happened. After the dinner, many of the participants fell ill. Some of them even died. Most of the victims were homeless and passed without much notice. But the family and friends of one of the volunteers who perished argued that the participants were poisoned and the police didn’t investigate thoroughly enough…
  7. Every year hundreds of children write letters to Santa Claus. Every year, some of them get answered, usually by their parents, who do not want to spoil Christmas for their young children. This year, all children received a reply to their letters, but the consequences of this event will be difficult to predict. It begins with a few angry phone calls from the parents to the police. They’re scared. Someone sent letters to their children, claiming to be Santa. Whoever this person is, he knows the personal details of their children. He knows that which child was naughty and which was nice. He even knows some things that the children’s parents have had no idea of…

So here you have 7 short ideas, but Aleksander wrote 14 quite detailed adventure hooks to be used by GMs in We Wish You a MerryScary Christmas. And he explains most of strange events hidden behind those stories. I do not want to spoil your game, so I will leave you with your imagination to try and figure out what really happened…

Merry Xmas Friends!

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