Resource Review: 101 Curious Items by Justin Alexander

Today I want to talk about a free, rules agnostic, creative fount of ideas for GMs of fantasy campaigns. This free resource is but one of the many unique ideas available from Justin Alexander at his blog – The Alexandrian. If you haven’t visited yet, I’d encourage you to do so. Lately he’s been offering some unique encounters for Gamma World 4e, including an entire series of Egyptian-themed encounters based around maps from the GW box set and elsewhere.

101 Curious Items is a free PDF that collects – you guessed it – 101 interesting items that could be used to start a new plot thDoesnread, as something curious for sale in a magic shop… Really you could use these however you might like to inspire you and your players on to new adventures. What makes them cool is that I couldn’t help but be sparked to use these in a variety of ways… including as thoughts to explore in short fiction.

I mean… Doesn’t this sound like something out of a story from H.P. Lovecraft? “A clock which regularly keeps time… just not the time of this world. Although it is clear that the clock works
to a clear pattern and purpose, attempts to decipher the method of its madness fail – as if it had been crafted upon rules of logic which no human mind can comprehend.” (#6)

Or maybe #11 – “A ruby the size of a man’s fist which sparkles and gleams with the promise of untold wealth in the faintest of lights, but which crumbles to dust upon the lightest touch.” Imagine how insane an item of this nature would drive a group of players.

Or maybe #37 – “A small ivory case, filled to the brim with the wings of faeries.” My daughters would freak out if they ever found that such a thing even existed. But what a thought-provoking item to include even in a modern campaign…

Or maybe #55 – “A door which, when opened, reveals nothing except a bare wall of stone.”

That’s just the barest handful of items on this list. And each time I peruse its contents, I see something else that makes me go hmmm…

Check it out at this post, which links to a PDF collecting all of the items. But be sure to visit The Alexandrian soon to see what else Jason is working on!

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