Adventure Review: Thanegar’s Horde by Andrew J. Martin and Raging Swan Press

Bandits are one of the main forms of entertainment funding opportunities causes for the employment of adventurers. “Help! Our village has been attacked by bandits!” “Please rescue my son/daughter/girlfriend from the bandits who ransacked our home!” “Can you go find this priceless family heirloom that was taken by the bandits who robbed our town?”

As such, a good GM knows to keep a bandit gang in his or her back pocket to pull out when the situation warrants. You never know when you’re going to need a group of miscreant thieves and cutthroats to make things interesting for your PCs.

Thankfully you have writers like Andrew J. Martin, who has created an entire bandit ecology ripe for the picking. Thanegar’s Horde offers a group of goblins, bugbears, human thugs, a dhampir sorcerer, and of course a big baddie behind it all. The iconic Thanegar should be a serious challenge (CR 8 ) for your players, but there are plenty of other combinations (CR 1 – CR 7) that might tempt a good group of heroes to take them all out for the betterment of the locals.

The big man himself is a bit of an enigma. Rumored to be a half-orc, Thanegar assembled an army of goblins and bugbears and attacked one of the border fort of a nearby kingdom. Unfortunately for the brute, his tactics left a bit to be desired and much of the horde met an untimely demise. That hasn’t stopped their stalwart leader from leading his survivors, from the cover of a nearby forest, to wage a minor guerrilla war against the poor people unlucky enough to stumble into their path.

Can anybody stop the horde from harassing the local people simply trying to eke out a living?

I have to say I really like the setup for this supplement. The idea that a goblin horde could be used to harass the local population and attract the attention of a band of heroes is great. You get numerous tools to use – from the goblin warriors doing their best to pillage, torture, and destroy anything they find of value – to the bugbear shock troops who would just as soon mutilate any prisoners for a snack as keep them for ransom. And at the top is a dhampir sorcerer attempting to manipulate Thanegar to achieve her own ends, an ambitious goblin deputy who sees a change in leadership in his future, and Thanegar himself, who’s trying to keep it all together and fraying at the edges…

Thanegar’s Horde is presented in traditional Raging Swan Press fashion, with a standard two column approach, highlighted stat blocks, a few well-placed art pieces here and there, and a great deal of information about various aspects of the individuals in the horde. It packs a ton of detail into a 22 page PDF. As a GM I would have a field day using Thanegar’s ill-fated horde as a way to get a party of adventurers to work together, investigate a situation, and find some way to take them out.

If you’re looking for a fun supplement to offer a bit of challenge to a low-level group of adventurers in your Pathfinder RPG campaign, then I’d strongly encourage you to check out Thanegar’s Horde. Check it out at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow!

For a bit more information, you can also check out the Thanegar’s Horde product page at the Raging Swan website.

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